Never thought down mobile phone and can change the beauty of your legs beself

Never thought down mobile phone and legs can change the beauty of the lead: how to survive in this look at the face of the era, is a lot of younger sister hit tangled problem, always felt everywhere, everywhere there is radiation pollution, so to chop hand bought a pile of bottles, painted after the discovery of Yan seems to have no value big changes. So Japanese media found that let you fall in value with your daily habits! (source: female beauty network) will become large cross legged face what!? A big number of people is because love Alice his legs? This may let many sister paper feel scared, because his legs had become warped so many years. Scared to make up the legs quickly put down first! Japan’s science show "early" to cross your legs face ear becomes large has made the determination and explanation. Literary pundits are unanimous in saying that this is true! The reason is: love will lead to distortion of the pelvis to cross your legs. Then, the pelvis distorted? Vertebra, cervical vertebra bone is not correct? Poor blood circulation, lymphatic detoxification poor? Accumulation of aging? Facial edema. A pile of professional terminology is not clear and do not want to reason. In a word, is with blame. That in the end how to know your pelvis without distortion? First, sit with legs straight, feet relative. If the feet are V Fonts is normal. "Oh, detected skeletal distortion if the right foot was tilted the right pelvis! Check out the ranks have been walking in the face, how to break it? Highlight loo ~ correcting distortions gymnastics: two big toes, keep standing toe. Hands palms up, little thumbs close. Don’t keep your arms over your head bent, hold for 30 seconds. Adhere to a week there are amazing results. On the premise that you have to adhere to! Put down his legs, a face lift exercises. Mobile phone will play down the ugly Japanese variety show the proposed long-term play mobile phone may become mobile phone ugly, that is to say, long time staring at the mobile phone, will become a unique "mobile phone than ugly face. Watch mobile phone and mobile phone play if you can control in a relatively short period of time is OK, if unable to extricate themselves addicted to the content, will bring the wrinkles between the eyebrows. Bow this action will make the neck and jaw of the meat piled together, as time goes on the double chin automatically ran out, and it is easy to breed neck wrinkles. In addition, because of the long bow, facial muscles will increase due to the increase in the weight of the relaxation of the mouth of the legal pattern will deepen, the mouth will sag. Brick home is also really special what makes sense. So, the younger sister paper to play the phone to the head? Anyway, life habits can really affect our color value, girls, to change bad habits ~相关的主题文章: