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National Tourism poverty alleviation demonstration project of Sichuan   13 on the list, the Travel Channel original title: National Tourism poverty alleviation demonstration project in Sichuan in 13 on the list in August 18th, the second national rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation work to promote the meeting, the National Tourism Bureau released the 280 National Tourism poverty alleviation demonstration project, Sichuan has a total of 13 project list. In recent years, with the increasing effect of tourism, the tourism poverty alleviation has become an effective way to help the poor. To this end, the reporter on the 13 projects in our province on the list of reviews and interviews — four annual income doubled Whitehorse Wang Lang scenic village with "rich folks abundant tourism resources in Sichuan, many places of scenic area inside and outside is beautiful, scenic spots of the radiation effect is very obvious, the Sichuan has 4 projects selected for the National Scenic Area" with village tourism poverty alleviation demonstration projects, poverty alleviation model is to make full use of the natural resources and cultural resources of Pingwu Baima County of Mianyang Wang Lang tourism scenic spots. The white horse Wang Lang scenic area is located in the northwest of Pingwu County poor counties in Qinba Mountain angle, with world-class tourism resources comparable to Jiuzhai Huanglong, but the term "raised in purdah did not know". By the end of 2012, local farmers per capita net income of less than 4300 yuan per year. That year, Pingwu County in Chengdu Tianyou tourism group to develop the integration of scenic spots, to create financial poverty tourism zone "," leading enterprises + village cooperatives + local entrepreneurs and other farmers "and" white horse ", first invested 27 million 500 thousand yuan to carry out the hardware modification on the White Horse Village, at the same time, the development of human resources, will the rural population into human capital, to encourage young people in the area of employment or business. The white horse Wang Lang scenic mining traditional folk culture, literature and art, collation of local folk customs, to worship the mountain Festival, charming folk festivals and other products. Chengdu Tianyou tourism industry group poverty alleviation department chief Wang Jiuhe told reporters, scenic guide combines the charming aboriginal dance culture and tourism, the establishment of charming art troupe, has become a magic weapon to attract tourists to scenic spots. "The white horse" mode of operation for 4 years, "scenic belt village" rich folks achieved remarkable success, 2015 local farmers per capita net income exceeded 8000 yuan, only in 2015 "eleven" during the golden week, the average revenue reached 50 thousand yuan, up 200 thousand yuan. The development of a "genius" hometown lake with a rich village in the country of "company + farmer" tourism poverty alleviation demonstration project and the national "hotshots with households" tourism poverty alleviation demonstration projects list, Guangyuan city Sichuan District Berlin Zhaohua Lake Tourism Development Co. Ltd. and general manager Tan Linyi were both selected as another great example of our province tourism. In 2000 Tan Linyi went to Hangzhou development business is booming, but the roots of mind and hometown poverty brought him back to his hometown of Berlin Zhaohua town business. In June 2014, Sichuan Berlin Lake Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was formally established, Tan Linyi began to help home poverty alleviation plan, take the "company + farmer" mode, namely the company in accordance with the land area pay a transfer fee, and in accordance with the return to when)相关的主题文章: