My daughter is also usury cheat father’s property understanding jailed for three years seaway

My daughter is also usury cheat father’s property understanding jailed for three years, the original title: daughter is also usury cheat father’s property jailed for three years, Beijing News News (reporter Liu Yang) in the real fraud occurred between father and daughter will violate the criminal law. Beijing News reporter today from the Beijing City Court was informed that the court together with the daughter of fraud father real estate cases, getting the father daughter in the understanding of the case, the court’s final judgment to imprisonment for three years, three years of probation. For the repayment of usury initiation cheat room meaning according to the introduction, the woman is 37 years of sun, she has been left without a stable income, 50 thousand yuan to repay money borrowed from a friend, she borrowed usury at 30%. Sohn and friend Ms. Kim complained that their no house no car, usury is also difficult. Kim gave her an idea, you can use her father’s house to the bank mortgage, in order not to let his father know, she had to carry his father to the house to his name. Sun felt that since it is the father’s house, even if he knows it will not have any serious consequences, then adopted the idea of kim. Handle false cheat property transfer case file shows that Sohn while father do not pay attention to the real estate license, stolen from home. In order to avoid his father found that she spent 500 yuan to find a fake real estate license, at home. Then, he forged a notary office notarized by a false papers, content Laosun commissioned Dengmou (Sohn friend) a house to sell its name and entrust Dengmou for housing transfer. After that, Sohn also forged a housing sales contracts, the content is to sell his father’s name to a house. In gold, with the help of Deng, Sohn hold real estate license, fake public certificates, false sales contract, the father’s house will be transferred to his name. In addition to bank mortgage loans after the successful transfer of low-cost real estate, Sohn took his own name to the bank to apply for mortgage loans, mortgage loans. When Sohn to worry about how to bank loans, Kim also said she can help find someone else on the bank loans, but sun needs to sell the house to help its price. Sohn agreed to find a Zhang Zhang, Zhang also helped by sun bank loans, Zhang purchased from the hands of the sun and the transfer of the house, lived in. A few days later, the sun went back to his parents home and found that the house was occupied, they report to the police. After investigation, he knew that his daughter stole the real estate license to sell the house. According to the relevant judicial interpretation of the crime of fraud, fraud property near relatives, close relatives have understanding, generally is not treated as a crime, criminal responsibility is necessary, should also be appropriate leniently. The Third Hospital of Beijing after hearing that the sun in the help of others, the fake real estate license, notarization, the sale of housing means to achieve the purpose of real estate fraud of the father, it is necessary to investigate the criminal responsibility, but because the case is fraud near relatives of property, which has close relatives so understanding. The judgment defendant was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years. ), Ren Long (Urumqi Bayi team) was found also in the area of hydrochlorothiazide was positive and was suspended. 2 per capita was suspended for 2 years, no 7相关的主题文章: