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MIIT specification automotive power battery industry   annual production threshold to raise 39 times – energy – People’s network is not high, but very high." In the face of "automotive battery industry norms conditions" (2017) (Draft) of the lithium ion battery monomer capacity of the enterprise to raise the threshold to 40 times in the past, a battery of leading enterprise executives commented. In November 22nd, the Ministry’s official website disclosure of "automotive battery industry norms conditions" (2017) (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), the power battery (in the car used in configuration, capable of storing electrical energy and rechargeable, for driving the car driving device includes providing energy. Lithium ion batteries, nickel metal hydride battery and super capacitor, not including lead-acid battery production enterprises management). Draft greatly raised the threshold of lithium ion power battery monomer production capacity. According to the draft article eighth, "lithium ion power battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 8 billion kwh, nickel metal hydride battery monomer enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 100 million watts, super capacitor single enterprises with an annual capacity of not less than 10 million watts. System of enterprise with an annual capacity of not less than 80000 or 4 billion watts. Production of a variety of types of power battery monomer enterprises, systems enterprises, the annual output capacity should meet the above requirements." After the threshold of single enterprise annual production capacity of lithium ion battery is set at 200 million watts. Threshold was raised to 40 times the original. 8 billion watts, means that the output value of about 10000000000 yuan." Aforementioned business executives said. After raising the threshold, the country can reach a number of power battery enterprises. Insiders pointed out: "the power of enterprise production capacity reached 8 billion kwh in 2016, only BYD and the Ningde times." According to a research report of Soochow securities, 2015 (BYD) has been built to 10 billion watts of power battery capacity (year), is expected in 2016 will have 16 billion watts (year) 2019 planning capacity, battery capacity of 34 billion kWh (year). The general manager of China Xuan tech director, Hefei GuoXuan high tech power energy Co. Ltd Fang Jianhua said: "this year our annual capacity of about 6 billion kwh, up to 8 billion kwh next year. Our annual production capacity ranked third in the country." Although the power battery enterprises are stunned on the draft, but some observers will be regarded as positive: "should not have so much power battery companies can make money, past the threshold is too low." There are two reasons for its good: first, despite the short-term power battery industry will accelerate the reshuffle, but the strong will stand out. After raising the threshold, will form the survival of the fittest, good money to expel bad money situation, a serious excess capacity of the overall battery power, the average volume of enterprises will not be able to reverse the situation. Previously, Bari, deputy director Wang Chengceng said: "from the power battery shipments and capacity comparison, power battery has overall overcapacity. The first 10 months of this year, China new energy automotive battery supporting a total of 14 billion 200 million kwh)相关的主题文章: