Metro Line 2 opened in June next year will be the next northwest section of road construction clonecd

Metro Line 2 opened in June next year will be the next northwest section of road construction not long ago, Hangzhou Metro Group officially announced, the northwest section of Metro Line 2 will be officially opened in June next year. This across the main city of Hangzhou East and West ends of the subway line, the main project has been completed. However, in more recent days left through these months, often drove to and from the two road, Moganshan Road, ring road, Fengqi road and Jianguo North Road and Qingchun Road to the public, please also continue to support the city’s subway construction. According to the Hangzhou traffic police department yesterday released the news, in order to meet the subway construction site, some sections of the road, will begin to implement the road traffic organization measures this month to end. By reducing the passage of other programs, to make room for the construction of subway construction. Construction content: pipeline migration and wind pavilion construction based on line 2 in the entire 11.84 km, with 11 underground stations, from east to West were Qingchun square station, Qingling Road station, North Station, Hebei Road station, Fengqi Road station, Wulin gate station, Shen Ning Tangqiao station, under the bridge station, Xueyuan Road station, GUCUI Road station, Fengtan road station. With the completion of the main body along the route 2, to determine the day after the official opening, the construction of the subway line station has entered the sprint phase. The reporter learned from Hangzhou Metro Group, the next lane construction as early as today, the latest at the end of June next year, the construction of the main content is on the road line and the construction of the subway station transfer, supporting the wind pavilion. Qingchun Road along the Qingchun square station is situated in Qingchun road. From September 28th 21:00, March 2017 to 15, Qingchun Road (Qiutao Road to King Tan Road), a two-way 6 Lane two-way 5 lane adjustment. Also in Qingchun Road, due to Qingling Road station construction, Kaixuan Road will be shining on September 22nd 21:00 to April 10, 2017, by the 6 Lane two-way adjustment for two-way 4 lanes. Fengqi road along the north is located in Fengqi road and the intersection of North 22:00, from September 23rd to March 10, 2017, Feng Qi Lu (Dong Qing Xiang to tree road) by 6 Lane two-way adjustment for two-way 4 lanes. Along the Fengqi Road West, is the river north road station. From October 6th 20:00 to April 20, 2017, Fengqi Road (River Road to Xinhua Road) will continue to maintain a one-way 2 Lane West to east. To the Yanan road and Fung Road near the intersection, that is, Fung Road station. The construction is divided into two stages. First of all, since September 23rd 22:00 until the end of October 13th, Phoenix Road (Yanan road to Wulin Road) by two-way 6 lanes to two-way traffic between the two way adjustment for 5. Then, from October 14th 21:00 until the end of June 10, 2017, the section of the road will be implemented in the east to Xidan 2 lane traffic. The ring road is located in the south along the intersection of Ring Road and Stadium Road Wulin station, on September 24th 21:00 to October 13th, the intersection on the south side will reduce 2 motor vehicles. Then, 22:00 from October 14th to April 10, 2017, the Ring Road (provincial road and Stadium Road) motor.相关的主题文章: