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"Meranti" Mid Autumn Festival or Chinese landing the strongest typhoon this year – the Sohu News Reference News Network reported on September 14th Taiwan media quoted the CNN reported that the strong typhoon "Meranti" power equivalent to the highest level 5 hurricane, this year is the strongest typhoon to surface, landing from the southern tip of Taiwan, or may not, but "miranti" the wind field spanning 560 kilometers, Taiwan is only 370 kilometers long, if not landing may also bring amazing rainfall. According to the Taiwan news cloud reported on September 13th, "it is this year on the ground, we have seen the largest and strongest typhoon, is very, very dangerous typhoon, typhoon" Meranti "in just 24 hours per hour attention enhancement, CNN reports," look at this amazing typhoon, the typhoon eye has been swept into Philippines this time, 14 days will be very close to the southern tip of Taiwan, we think it may not landing on the mainland, this is a bad news." Reported that the "Meranti" structure is solid, a similar path in July of this year’s typhoon NEPARTAK ", but more powerful, if not landing in Taiwan, on the mainland is also a great threat, lucky, perhaps from the middle of the two typhoon local population by more, but one not to another far behind. CNN weather anchor said, "" miranti "name from Malaysia, this is a very tough tree, they used to build houses; this is a tropical depression named Malka, from Philippines, is very strong, very powerful, it will follow this one (" Meranti ")." Maleka appears to be heading for Taiwan, but CNN predicts that Mr Maleka will move north to the east of Taiwan. According to the Russian satellite news agency quoted the September 13th China National Disaster Reduction Committee Office news release said the typhoon "Meranti" or become this year’s typhoon strongest China. The news, in September 13th, the National Disaster Reduction Committee, China China of Ministry of civil affairs for fourteenth year typhoon "Meranti" may be caused by the emergency start national disaster warning response, minimize the losses caused by disasters. The news that "Meranti" is probably the strongest typhoon landed this year China, strong winds lasted for a long time, rainfall intensity, and the Mid Autumn Festival coincides with the astronomical tide, wind and rain will bring adverse effects to the provinces, the tide of superposition. The Civil Affairs Department of Shanghai, Jiangsu, for Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan and other places closely tracking the moving track of typhoon, timely warning and forecast information, guide the area affected by the masses in advance to buy store at least 1-3 days of the necessities of life, to assist relevant departments to make personnel hedge transfer, boats back to harbor other preventive work. In September 13th fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" at 8 in the morning in Taiwan is located in the southeast of Hualian about 640 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind above 17. Expected, "Meranti" may be 15 am in the morning to Fujian Zhangpu to Guangdong Shanwei along the coastal areas.相关的主题文章: