Marketing Strategies To Get Your Home

UnCategorized Due to the high inventory of homes for sale in the San Fernando Valley areas of Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley homeowners need creative marketing strategies to set their homes apart from all the rest. Sellers are competing with other comparable homes for sale in their neighborhoods as well as short pay, foreclosures and bank owned properties. Sellers’ goals must be to attract a large pool of buyers to their homes by using a combination of creative marketing strategies including maximizing exposure, proper pricing, and offering incentives to buyers and their Realtors in order to sell their homes for maximum dollar and in a short period of time. Your home should sell within a couple months of listing it if you follow the suggested marketing tips below. Here are some creative marketing strategy tips: Price home at or below market value. Buyers are looking for great deals. It’s a buyer’s market so overpricing is the wrong marketing strategy to follow. Savvy buyers are educated about the home prices in the neighborhood. They will not make offers on overpriced properties because they know the sellers are unrealistic. Offer buyer incentives. The following are suggestions of various buyer incentives that sellers may want to offer their buyers: Seller financing. Sellers who are in a position to offer seller financing to potential buyers should consider doing so because traditional lenders have tightened their lending guidelines making it more difficult for buyers, even with good credit, to obtain financing. By offering your buyer financing, you are one step ahead of the competition. The worse scenario is if the buyer defaults, you take back your San Fernando Valley real estate. Paying the buyer’s closing costs. Prepaying homeowner or condo association dues for the buyer for six months or one year if you own a townhome, condo or live in a subdivision that is governed by a condo association or homeowner association. Concessions for repairs or paying for repairs before the close of escrow. Gift certificates, travel vouchers for cruises or airline tickets, or giving away big ticket items such as flat screen televisions. Offer incentives to Realtors. Smart sellers recognize that offering incentives to Realtors is good business and pays off because a Realtor would rather show their buyer San Fernando Valley real estate that pays them a 4% commission than another property that is offering a 2% or 3% commission, providing the homes are comparable and meet their buyer’s needs and wants. Another idea is to offer the selling agent a bonus if the buyer closes by a certain date. Professionally Stage Your Home There are several companies that will professionally stage your home with beautiful furniture and accessories to make it look more attractive to a larger pool of buyers. Your San Fernando Valley Realtor can recommend vendors to you. The whole concept of marketing your Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys or North Hollywood real estate is to stand out from the competition, think outside the box and be creative. That is why more sellers are listing their homes with experienced San Fernando Valley Realtors because they recognize the value of a real estate professional’s expertise in selling and marketing homes in this tough real estate market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: