Man, the thief caused his death was indicted on suspicion of negligent death, reasonable

Man, the thief caused his death was indicted on suspicion of negligent death, reasonable? The two day saying this world is not calm, the South Korean people anti Park Parade, even coffins are carried out…… Please enjoy the hit drama "the queen behind the woman" Eleventh episode footage – "mysterious" square in front of the coffin. The guards, I only take pickled cabbage in the country, refueling! The United States also broke out anti Trump election parade, scene clashes between police and protesters violent down here, is not so simple parade. And Japan also marched down here but this is Japan Indoorsman watch "with the girls" chariot games themed events at the scene…… The Japanese people are really a mud rock flow in the world! I only can see the spring of life, where is where the train station. Epic disaster film "the Spring Festival" and two months will be shown, there is little brother was looking forward to it. Cough, serious, back to business. Local time 14, 0 points, more than 7.5 earthquake occurred in New Zealand, the earthquake triggered a tsunami at the same time, more than 2. New Zealand Prime Minister confirmed that at least two people were killed in the earthquake. There is no Chinese casualties. The local Chinese netizen so described the situation down here in New Zealand with early warning, with much land and few people, few casualties. I hope the seat will not come out again, he said the hope that the world peace, peace can not really…… Recently, a Nanjing hotel also much raise a Babel of criticism of. The evening of November 12th, a netizen said, his stay in Nanjing Zhongshan Road, a hotel, with your fingers against the mirror and found no point distance between the mirror in the fingertips with his fingertips, but the mirror is also facing the bed, so the hotel installed a "suspected double mirror" peeping tenants. Look at the science, the mirror mirror didn’t look like what were, but behind it is transparent, which can be seen from outside, like this:: however, the police Milo rushed to the hotel, discovered a problem with friends mouth mirror is such…… To kneel, this is clearly the drawer of the mirror, how to spy on you?! Do you want to get into the drawer? Brain is a good thing, not everyone has. It is open the drawer can solve the matter, to be wasteful, the hotel is also a face Meng force. The girl is forensic Qin ming to see more? Have vigilance is good, but easy to zouhuorumo suspicious. The recently married LiMou suspected her husband Zheng nianhuarecao, with WeChat small test zheng. Did not expect Jeong actually to trumpet heart feelings, in order to get a divorce, brother seduce his wife derailment…… The case is entirely cleared., Jeong angry, he beat his wife caused the injury. Currently, Jeong has been arrested by the police. Brother feel down down female male slag, you two don’t divorce, don’t curse others. Fall in love with wife trumpet, that is not the same person? What is good to prove that you are true love ah. Married should not be more trust each other? Otherwise, why do you want to see each other in love. October 1st, 33 year old Dalian woman Sue rain and cousin to Anshan tourism. Check Inn Hotel, the sisters were arranged to live together. Not expected, the hotel occupancy records show that the night is a man with a man living in a room?相关的主题文章: