Man scolded salesman a problem was the phone bombing 6 hours

The man scolded a salesman "problems" by telephone "bombing" 6 hours of Modern Express News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan reporter Tao Weizhou Wang Chang) recently, the Nanjing public Lee encountered telephone harassment, each other every 3 minutes to play his mobile phone, but also acrimony, lasted 6 hours. Modern Express reporter learned that Lee helpless alarm. The police investigation found that playing harassing phone calls is a telephone salesman, because Lee scolded him a problem, so revenge. November 18th morning, Nanjing Confucius Temple police station received a public Lee alarm, said the mobile phone from 6 o’clock in the evening began to keep a strange number every two or three minutes into a telephone, the other is not only insulting to Mr Li, but also the implementation of intimidation, this situation has lasted more than 6 hours. What kind of person would be such a disturbance to Mr. Lee? In this regard, Mr. Lee said he suspected that the day before to call him a telephone salesman dry. Modern Express reporter learned that, around 5 p.m. on November 17th, Lee had received a call from a bank investment manager calls to sell financial products. Listen to what he wanted, Mr. Li to talk to each other. Not to utter a single word to hang up the phone. However, after a few seconds, the other side actually call to continue selling. Hang up again, Mr. Lee did not expect the other party actually surprisingly perseverance third calls. Mr. Li immediately rushed phone be pestered beyond endurance roared, "you upset, there is something wrong with it". "Later, I was hit by a crazy phone call." Lee told the police, he pulled the other number into the blacklist, and there are other numbers to fight over, but also from the words into a verbal abuse, threats. In desperation, Lee had to help the police. According to clues provided by Mr. Lee, the police contacted the phone salesman, and confirmed that it is not a bank staff. In the face of the police inquiry, the other admitted that he was indeed on the phone for a long time, mr.". The other said that he is angry, but Mr. Lee that "wrong" abuse. In this regard, the police conducted a serious criticism of the telephone salesman education, and warned him, if you continue to harass Mr. Lee, the police will be investigated according to law. After that, Mr. Lee to the police feedback, since the alarm, his phone finally clean. In this, the police reminded the general public, the number of telephone harassment can be reflected to the relevant operators to the other party, or timely alarm.相关的主题文章: