Ma Yun let ewtp free trade benefit the world’s 80% small and medium enterprises

Ma Yun: let eWTP free trade benefit the global 80% small and medium enterprises Sina Francisco September 4th morning news, the evening of September 3rd, Ma Yun in the group of twenty Summit (B20) speech, and with the Boston consulting global president Hans – Paul – Bochner (Hans-Paul Bü rkner) dialogue system described the concept of eWTP, vision and action plan. EWTP Ma proposed and initiative, but also one of the things he is most concerned about. These days, from Russia to the United Kingdom, Ma almost flew around the world, to governments, international organizations and initiatives eWTP. Ma Yun said, hoping to build a truly small and medium enterprises around the world, their own free and fair trade platform for the real, for the small and medium enterprises, for young people to solve the problem, to achieve global buy, sell the world. Ma Yun said, to enhance trade, in order to create more job opportunities. Stepping on the international stage, can promote the development of small and medium enterprises. Strengthen communication, in order to create a more stable and open world." It is reported that on the afternoon of September 3rd, the group of twenty Business Summit (B20) opening ceremony, Chinese President Xi Jinping on behalf of G20 took over the policy recommendations submitted by B20 report. One of the important recommendations of the report, it is called on the G20 Member States to support eWTP. The following is Ma’s speech on the eWTP, as well as the global dialogue with Bochner, chairman of Boston dialogue record. Ma Yun speech: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Very honored to participate in today’s event, welcome to my hometown. I was born in Hangzhou, I was made in one hundred percent Hangzhou. You may ask why Hangzhou is the city of the G20 summit, rather than the more famous big cities. My answer is that 44 years ago, Hangzhou was supposed to be very famous. In 1972, Nixon visited Hangzhou, China and the United States leaders believe that the two countries should build a better future for the world. Hangzhou is so lucky, in Hangzhou, the two leaders reached a comprehensive agreement, the city of Hangzhou rewrite history. But it regrets that the Sino US joint communique later known as the "Shanghai Communique", rather than "Hangzhou communique". If we called the Hangzhou communique 44 years ago, it would have been more famous than Hangzhou. When I was 8 years old, the little boy, but because Hangzhou has become a part of the open society, Hangzhou has many hotels, there are many foreign tourists, through these opportunities for me to learn English, opened my eyes. I’d like to show you some pictures to introduce the comparison between 40 years ago and now Hangzhou. We can look at, it is 40 years ago, is now below the photo, above 40 years ago in West Lake, the West Lake is now in the past 44 years, China changed, Hangzhou changed, I changed, I changed the company. 17 years ago, there was no Alibaba. Because we are open, open to the world, open to us means prosperity, open to me!相关的主题文章: