Lin Shen Zhang Jianing, another group of police station street the quarrelsome lovers-pretty rhythm

Lin Shen Zhang Jianing Street police station the Tencent group quarrelsome lovers entertainment news 2009 Lin Shen and Zhang Jianing in the classic TV drama "the good times" daughter-in-law in portrait interpretation of Mao Feng and Pan Meili’s pure love, has become numerous 80, after 90 audience’s collective memory, the two people together again after a lapse of 7 years, created the "Jiangcheng police" the quarrelsome lovers: smart kind and humorous Yang and beautiful young Zhang said was born in a family of scholar. One is for the sake of the people close to the police, one is not a man in the street of the deputy director of the fireworks, they together, how will the friction spark? Community police and street director most down to earth in love "the good times" in Lin Shen’s daughter-in-law, Mao Feng wayward, lustful, married Zhang Jianing as rural girl Pan Meili, she was transformed, and final return of the prodigal son. The new "Jiangcheng police", the relationship between the two big counter attack, a hero Yang first bitter after Zhang said, two people’s emotional warmth, work complementary interaction from the community police station and street director and mutual supervision and rijiushengqing, eventually married lovers. In the "Jiangcheng police" in Yang Xian is a community police work is responsible for information collection, population management, security, dispute resolution, serving the masses; Zhang said the identity is the deputy director of the office of street, responsible for civil affairs work, yongjunyoushu, social relief, social welfare, the implementation of good management of residential streets environmental sanitation work. Due to the two service object was a new large community, with solving the contradictions and disputes happening again and again, a word has been Yang first love and responsibility for the work being moved, changed the initial bias, and ultimately go together. Zhang Jianing said in an interview: "this is the most down to earth love". Lin Shen said, two personal identity clever vivid interpretation of the relationship between the local police authorities: "like Yang and Zhang Yan, is fighting and common benefit of the comrades and loved ones for the people." Two of the best partner cooperation little feelings deep interpretation of the "Jiangcheng police" is Lin Shen Zhang Jianing again following the "good times" cooperation after the daughter-in-law. After a lapse of years after another hand in hand, Zhang Jianing said, although separated for several years, the shooting time and there is no barrier, and soon entered the state." Lin Shen also said: "Zhang Jianing and Encore couple, can quickly reach a tacit understanding, the creation of wipe out many sparks." It is understood that the many humorous plot is two people out of the collision in the field. According to Zhang Jianing said: "there is a Yang first broke the words’ mobile phone Zhang quibble you gave me one, I give you a bunch of lines," there is no script, is I and Shen added that, more comedy drama." In the "Jiangcheng police", Lin Shen and Zhang Jianing through a vivid story to the audience, showing the spirit of grassroots cadres, behind the humorous scenes, they are rooted in the inner feelings, is the world’s first concern and worry, after the world to enjoy "embodies the spirit of. It is reported that the city police comedy "Jiangcheng police" tender by the Ministry of public security shield Television Cultural Center, Shanghai shadow ball culture co..相关的主题文章: