Libya boats sank hundreds of people missing or damaged by the wind

Libya boats sank hundreds of people missing or damaged hull winds caused the original title: Libya smuggling boat sank hundreds of people missing Xinhua Tunisia on 27 October, (reporter Zhang Xuanrui Su Xiaopo) Tripoli news: Libya Coast Guard spokesman confirmed 27, a ship carrying illegal immigrants 26 boats sank in the waters of Libya, killing hundreds of people missing. Ayub, a spokesman for the Libya coast guard, said more than 90 people were missing and more than 29 were rescued in the current period. Most of the missing came from Africa, they had tried to smuggle into europe. Ayub said, the smuggling ship from 50 kilometers away from the capital of Libya, the Boliyue Jialabuli area of sinking is likely due to the large sea waves, hull damage caused water poured into the cabin. Since the fall of the Al-qaddafi regime in 2011, the continued deterioration of the security situation in Libya, the government can not carry out effective management of the coastal boundary. Some illegal immigrants from sub Saharan Africa have taken Libya as a transit station, through the Mediterranean to europe. As a result of a long journey, coupled with the serious phenomenon of illegal smuggling vessels, frequent occurrence of shipwreck. The UN refugee agency statistics show that since 2016, there have been nearly 300 thousand refugees from the Mediterranean successfully landed in Italy or Greece, about 3500 people died in the smuggling process. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: