Liaoning broke apart 1 people need to stand up without him away to beat Beijing 3-tda7294

Liaoning outbreak, 1 people still need to stand out without him, Beijing 3 away game reporters Li Miao (micro-blog) Benxi reported regular season, and even the first two rounds of the playoffs Thompson, playing really good. Data beautiful not say, in the team is also very obedient. Young Thompson has no objection to the deployment of coach Guo Shiqiang. Unexpectedly, in one of the most important moments of the season, Thompson suddenly lost his way in the offensive end. In the first game of the finals, Thompson and Zhu Yanxi (micro-blog), Kyrgyzstan (micro-blog) and other people’s confrontation, obviously not adapted to the strength of several times to improve hand to hand, 12 shot in 4, only 12 points. After that, the Liaoning team of foreign teachers they talked about Thompson said: "we won the semi-final opponent is too easy, in the absence of Hadadi, we did not realize the upgrade combat strength, therefore, in the psychological sense, Thompson also did not adjust their own state. When the opponent fights with him like a fight, a lot of actions are distorted because of the change of mentality." In my opinion, Thompson could adjust his offense in second games. Unexpectedly, compared with the first game, in addition to the defensive side grabbed the highest 16 rebounds worth pondering, Thompson attack in the end is still invisible. In 26 minutes of playing time, Thompson finished 12 in 5 and finished the game again with 12 points. On the sidelines, there are Liaoning team reporter said: "very small, he began to play scored 18 points, did not expect, all to fill the pit Thompson used." "Thompson did not play well in the last two games, but he did very hard. I said, a player can’t play every game, there must be ups and downs, but this is not afraid, as soon as possible adjustment." At the press conference, Guo Shiqiang is still full of confidence in Thompson. You can have a Liaoning team of Thompson revealed concerns, until after the Beijing home court, Wukesong stadium 18000 people to create terror momentum, could let Thompson change the mentality more. "We didn’t expect Thompson to have such ups and downs, with him in the semi-finals, did not encounter too strong against a relationship, but I think this with him this season down and we played too easy," Liaoning team said, "he is more like the icing on the cake. Now we are playing to the finals on this, it is timely assistance. A few chances didn’t come into play, it had an impact on him, and it had an impact on us as a whole."

辽宁爆发外1人还需站出来 没他北京3客场难打记者李淼(微博)本溪报道常规赛时甚至是季后赛前两轮中的汤普森,打得实在是太好了。数据漂亮不说,在队内也很听话。对于主帅郭士强的部署,年轻的汤普森没有任何的异议。没想到,在一个赛季最为要紧的时刻,汤普森却突然在进攻端迷失了方向。总决赛第一场,汤普森在与朱彦西(微博)、吉喆(微博)等人的对抗中,明显不适应强度提高了数倍的肉搏,12投4中只得到12分。那场之后,辽宁队外教米洛斯在谈到汤普森时就说:“半决赛我们赢得太轻松了,在对手没有哈达迪的情况下,我们并没有体会到升级的对抗强度,所以,在心理上,汤普森还没有把自己的状态调整过来。等到对手像打架一样和他对决时,很多动作就因为心态的变化,发生了不同程度的扭曲。”本以为,在第二场中汤普森能调整自己的进攻状态。可没想到的是,比起第一场来说,除了在防守端抢下全场最高的16个篮板球值得回味外,汤普森在进攻端还是像隐形了一样。26分钟的出场时间里,汤普森12投5中,又一次用12分结束了比赛。场边,有辽宁队随队记者说:“好不容易小贺开始发挥得了18分,没想到,全给汤普森填坑用掉了。”“汤普森这两场的发挥确实没有前两轮好,但他确实非常努力。我说了,一个球员不能每场都发挥,肯定会有起伏,但这个不怕,尽快调整就行。”发布会上,郭士强依旧对汤普森抱有十足的信心。可已经有辽宁队队员对汤普森显露出担忧,等到了北京主场之后,五棵松体育馆内18000人制造出的恐怖声势,没准会让汤普森的心态发生更大的变化。“我们没想到汤普森有这样的起伏,跟他在半决赛中没遇到太强的反抗有关系,但我觉得,这和他这一个赛季下来跟我们打得太轻松有关系,”有辽宁队队员说,“那时候他更像是锦上添花。可我们现在打到总决赛这个份上,要的就是雪中送炭了。几个机会球都没打进,对他自己有影响,对我们整体也有影响。”相关的主题文章: