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Li Keqiang met with Japanese guests – Beijing Xinhua Zhang Duo photo 25 Premier Li Keqiang met with China to hold third days of high-level political dialogue of Japan’s National Security Secretary Yamauchi Masataro. Li Keqiang said that although the current Sino Japanese relations have improved momentum, but still very fragile. The two sides should always focus on the overall strategy of bilateral relations, adhere to the four political documents between China, the spirit of learning from history and facing the future ", the accumulation of positive factors, reduce the negative factors, efforts to promote the Sino Japanese relations back to the track of normal development. Li Keqiang pointed out that the next two years is the normalization of diplomatic ties between China and the 45 anniversary of the "Sino Japanese Treaty of peace and friendship" 40 anniversary of the signing of. We hope that the two sides will seize the opportunity to properly handle all kinds of new and old problems between the two countries, steadily promote exchanges and cooperation, and maintain the stability and improvement of bilateral relations. To implement positive and friendly policy strategy, China hopes that Japan will truly establish a correct understanding and implementation of the China development as an opportunity statement; action and properly control differences, especially related to the sea, to maintain peace and stability in the surrounding waters. Li Keqiang, China Daily News, first read a letter from Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to prime minister Yamauchi Masataro. Andouble said in his letter, the Japanese side is willing to establish a strategic and mutually beneficial relationship between Japan and China, together with China to build a stable bilateral relations between the two sides benefit. Japan wishes the group of twenty summit held in Hangzhou, and is willing to strengthen cooperation with china. The valley said that Japan hopes to strengthen high-level exchanges and communication mechanism of the East China Sea, control differences, maintain peace and stability in the sea, and is willing to take the next two years after the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the opportunity to further deepen bilateral exchanges. State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended the meeting.相关的主题文章: