Lara Croft

Arts-and-Entertainment Lara Croft has it all: style, elegance and power. There is just no one word to describe the English woman Lady Croft. The feminine character portrayed by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider has made the movie reached its popularity. That is why this character is the costume of choice of most women, who are too, got a lot of character within them. We all know that Lady Croft’s personality is a strong willed heiress who is after a lot of adventures. This is just what makes women want Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft costume. She, Lara, is just the embodiment of the most strong willed and adventurous girls in this generation. All women would surely want to be the heiress girl whose got hundreds of cars and a lot of sophisticated gadgets to choose from. For that reason, many women wants to feel what it is like to be a Tomb Raider even for just a few moments. The costume could really bring one the illusion of grandeur. But aside from that the .bination of Lara Croft’s personality and Angelina Jolie’s Sexy body has made women drool. They just couldn’t help make her their fashion icon and wants to wear her outfits. They want to try the cool hugging shorts on and the knee high boots she wears during her adventures. Her fashion statement has really gone above the usual heroines in the movies. She is just perfect; neither overdressed nor under-dressed. Her casual outfits have brought sophistication than simplicity. The next reason why people wants her costume is that the movie itself is popular. Like the fact that whatever is popular, it will be bought. The popularity of the movie Tomb Raider has captured many fans and audiences. As a result, there are many Tomb Raider shirts and other paraphernalia collection being marketed. These are, of course, being bought by the willing fans. Not just collectible items but they are also buying Lara Crofts Costumes not just to wear during Halloweens but as part of their collection. But regardless of the reason why women want to wear Lara’s Costumes, it is really a great choice for Halloweens. Lara Croft’s choice of clothes are not outlandish but both stylish and .fortable. It would really be perfect for someone who wants a .fortable costume for partying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: