Lang Ping wrote to the middle school students try our best to do well is successful (video) shishangqiyi

Lang Ping wrote to the middle school students: to make the greatest efforts to do is success in new network Guangzhou on 17 September, (Xu Qingqing Medvedev) "began to get up at half past five in the morning, physical training six, classes begin at eight. Three hours of Outdoor Volleyball Training in the evening and evening study." 17, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping and players Xu Yunli, Yuan Xinyue entered the Guangdong Guangya middle school, high school students to share their life with her, encourage students to do every day, the accumulation of every day, set goals and make unremitting efforts, the success is to try my best." In August this year, the Rio Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s volleyball team after a lapse of 12 years, once again boarded the Olympic podium. When Lang Ping and Chinese women’s volleyball team appeared Guangya middle school, to welcome Lang Ping and his team of teachers and students thronged the campus, the atmosphere of a boiling. Lang Ping visited the famous Guangzhou bainianlaoxiao Guangya middle school, in the school gymnasium and the students held share activities, and guide students to teach volleyball skills. "Now every day in the bow to read, look at the computer, playing iPad, a lot of people’s eyes and neck has strained." Lang Ping remind " bow family " we should take part in sports activities, through collective sports activities to promote friendship. For the upcoming college entrance examination (course) of senior high school students, Lang Ping in women’s volleyball training and competition experience, told the students, "this time three will certainly encounter difficulties, like the women’s volleyball team, every day is very important, we don’t know if we can get the championship training. What is success, not to win the world champion is success, do your best to succeed." In answering questions "in the face of strong competitors, how to grasp the critical moment of life, Lang Ping said, in the face of strong opponents, the mentality of the decision, the two strong meet the brave victory. Don’t think about the outcome if you want to go after it one by one. She also said that life can not rely on shouting slogans, every day to their dreams, the process well, in order to win. Finally, Lang Ping became a volleyball coach, led the two players to give the students a lesson on Volleyball instruction courses, taught students Guangya volleyball training basic movements, including juggling ball, pass. (end) teachers wish the success of the high school entrance examination相关的主题文章: