Kunming thousands of people follow the ancient ritual – Mid Autumn Festival Beijing stellarium

Kunming thousands of people follow the ancient ritual – Mid Autumn Festival Beijing new network in Kunming in September 17, (Long Wenchi), libations, worship incense… On the evening of 17, Kunming City, more than 1000 people to follow the Taiping Town, Anning City of ancient festival ceremony, a unique mid autumn festival. The mid autumn festival festival varies from place to place, this event is the first Mid Autumn Festival Cultural Festival activities. Members of the public to watch the dragon and lion dance performances, listening to classical Chinese studies, to participate in ritual ceremony, to experience the full flavor of traditional Chinese festivals. Figure for the kids to participate in the Festival ceremony Long Wenchi photo in the Festival ceremony, the case placed on the moon cake, fruit and other incense, bells and other artifacts. The elderly priest, lead you to read here, worship the moon, pray for all peace, prosperity. The event attracted thousands of people to participate in the local. Ms. Wang the first time to participate in the Festival ceremony, she told reporters, "the Festival ceremony seems to make people" through "to the ancient times, let us feel the charm of ancient and solemn ancient ancestors offering month." According to the deputy director of the Taiping Town Management Committee Wang Zhimin said that the organization of the Mid Autumn Festival ceremony is to reproduce the ancient festival scene, let the people under the influence of traditional culture, remember the soul of the Chinese nation, become the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion dinner outside a cultural feast. (end)相关的主题文章: