Kunming a van carrying 6 people was 200% overload check plug 12 punyu

Kunming a van carrying 6 people was 200% overload check plug 12 Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) the core set of 6 people in the van, even cram 12 people, the proportion has reached 100%. The day before 18 in the morning, the car after the city traffic police seized. August 27th afternoon, the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment nine police deployed in the spring road and West Third Ring Road intersection set card points, assault traffic violations. At 15:20 PM, police saw a cloud A3NZ05 grade white Jinbei van near the intersection, then a vehicle to stop for inspection. Police to the scene to see the driver’s license, driving license, found after opening the door, the car there exists one serious violations, the provisions of the vehicle core set of 6 people, carrying 12 people. Police on duty according to the law according to the driver of the vehicle according to the penalty decision, punishable by a fine of 200 yuan, while the deduction of the spot punishment of 6 points. The understanding that the driver named Li Moumou, Shanxi Province, (ID number: 14272519XX0617XXXX), passenger and car for subway construction workers, due to go to the site to work, so all the people crowded in the car. The police on duty on the spot that the driver of the violations and the safety education, to inform its harmfulness of overcrowding, then ordered the car passengers on other vehicles leaving further overcrowding. (Yunnan network)相关的主题文章: