Kazakhstan No. 1 subway line eleven on the first day with a total of 170 thousand passengers ride-8l9840

Kazakhstan No. 1 subway line eleven on the first day with a total of 170 thousand passengers ride this year "eleven" golden week, Metro Line 1, take the highest number reached 170 thousand passengers, an increase of 30 thousand year trial operation in 2013 the first passengers. On the morning of 1, Metro Line 1 Station Museum swipe inbound "beep" sound constantly, most people are familiar with the correct process inside the subway station and the subway structure, easy booking, swipe inbound, car, credit card out of the station, nearly 4 more than people now choose to use the I C card out of the subway station. The staff only occasionally the passengers did not change or zero currency exchange, to guide passengers how to use automatic ticket vending machine. According to the Harbin Metro Group operation command center statistics, "eleven" small holiday period, the total number of 915752 in from October 1st to 6th, the total number of outbound 915085. Take the subway, showing the number of U font changes, on the both ends by the number, the largest number have reached more than 170 thousand people in 1 days, 6 days to reach more than 160 thousand people, 140 thousand people were over the trial operation in 2013 the first year the highest daily passenger number, the smallest number appeared in 3 to more than 120 thousand times, is still the hospital and Heilongjiang University two the maximum number of transfer station, greatly alleviate the ground traffic congestion. As of October 6th, the safe operation of Harbin Metro Line 1 in 2016 280 days, annual passenger volume of 50 million 479 thousand and 300 passengers, the average daily passenger volume of 180 thousand and 300 passengers, annual operating mileage of 1 million 228 thousand and 600 kilometers; since the opening of safe operation of 1107 days, the passenger volume of 183 million 985 thousand and 200 passengers, the average daily passenger volume of 166 thousand and 200 passengers, operating mileage of 4 million 863 thousand and 100 kilometers.

哈地铁1号线爆棚 十一首日乘车人数达17万人次   今年“十一”黄金周,地铁1号线日乘人数最高达到17万人次,同比2013年试运营第一年增加3万人次。   1日上午,地铁1号线博物馆站内刷卡入站的“嘀嘀”声不断,多数市民已熟悉地铁站内部结构及乘坐地铁的正确流程,从容购票、刷卡入站、乘车、刷卡出站,近4成以上市民现已选择使用I C卡进出地铁站,工作人员只需偶尔为没有零钱的乘客兑换零币,或指导乘客如何使用自动售票机。   据哈尔滨地铁集团运营指挥中心统计,“十一”小长假期间,10月1日至6日进站总人数915752,出站总人数915085。地铁日乘人数呈现U字形变化,两端日乘人数较多,最多人数出现在1日达到17万多人次,6日达到16万多人次,均超过2013年试运营第一年最高日乘人数的14万人次,最少人数出现在3日达到12万多人次,仍然是医大一院和黑龙江大学两站换乘人数最多,大大缓解了地面交通的拥挤。   截至10月6日,2016年哈尔滨地铁1号线安全运营280天,年客运量5047.93万人次,日均客运量18.03万人次,年运营里程为122.86万列公里;开通至今安全运营1107天,客运量为18398.52万人次,日均客运量16.62万人次,运营里程为486.31万列公里。相关的主题文章: