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European Commission President Juncker urged Britain to open as soon as possible off the European program on 15 September, Xinhua news agency, Brussels (reporter Sun Yi Pang Yuwei) published the annual "alliance union" the European Commission President Juncker 14 in Strasbourg France held the European Parliament plenary session, urged Britain to start off the European program as soon as possible. The European Union Union coverage over the past year operation, the British from Europe to become the focus of the content of speech. Juncker once again stressed that if the United Kingdom after leaving Europe still remain in the European single market, you must accept the principle of free flow of personnel, the European option can not be like a la carte as random selection. Juncker said: I respect the decision of the United Kingdom, but also expressed regret. But the EU is not in crisis. We would be very pleased if the UK could start the process as soon as possible, so that we could make the necessary details." Juncker also called on the EU needs to be more united in order to meet the current challenges. He said that the next year for the European Union re cohesion has a decisive role. At present, countries are too concerned about their own interests, it is difficult to reach an agreement on important issues, member states need to move in the same direction. Juncker also called on the EU to set up its own army, the army will complement NATO forces in order to prevent and respond to the crisis. Analysts said that over the past year, Europe has experienced multiple crises. The influx of refugees, terrorist attacks and the United Kingdom to take off the EU has brought many challenges to the eu. The EU is the solution to the problem is difficult to reach an agreement, the growing concern for the European Union fall apart. Public opinion, Juncker tried to ease people’s concerns about the EU will cause unrest in europe. Although the 16 EU summit will be held in Slovakia, to explore the future direction of the EU, but the possibility of the summit to solve the problem of Britain to take off europe. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: