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Ji’nan Jie "famous Xuan" three mystery show new network – the largest in the Qing Dynasty official script innovation Ji’nan Daming Lake Lake Island, a towering sea Pavilion — well-known, far and near right Lixia pavilion. Tang Tianbao four years (745 years), the poet Du Fu to visit his brother in Linyi,, via Ji’nan. As Du Fu’s friendship between generations of Beihai Prefecture Li Yong to Francis, Du Fu and Ji’nan in the pavilion hosted various celebrities, Du Fu unprepared "with Li Beihai feast Lixia Pavilion" a song, "the sea right left this ancient pavilion, Ji’nan famous" poetic masterpiece through the ages. So, people in the calendar pavilion built next to the famous xuan. The South Xuan, miankuo five, hard Hill Xiamen, Shaoxing fan Fei, west wall Xuan is embedded in the Tang Dynasty calligrapher Li Yong, the great poet Du Fu and the 15 scholars since the Qin and Han Dynasty stone portrait of the ancestral home of Ji’nan, for the world to worship. Famous Xuan also became scholars of this kind of tourism, attracting more celebrities, Luan settled springs. On the famous Xuan lintel, hanging a "famous Xuan" as the official script reads, Xuantong (1911) spring in the late Qing Dynasty calligrapher Zhu Qingyuan wrote. (see Figure 1). However, I do not know since when, people found "famous Xuan" three words in there are two wrong words: "name" words a little more, "Shi" character points, so we think this is Zhu Qingyuan deliberately, to expect celebrities Ji’nan a little more, a little more, a little more, the good wishes show through the humorous forms of calligraphy. However, this can be said if established, only that Zhu Qingyuan believes Ji’nan celebrities are not enough, so we should more and more and more. So, this is not in Ji’nan but suppressed praise. In fact, the history of Ji’nan is far more than a dozen people in the famous portrait of the famous Xuan, if make a list of words, it will be hundreds of people called the great ocean. Therefore, Du Fu’s poem is not xinkouhuzhou, but well founded. Just imagine, if even Ji’nan men are also more words, then the other place, would not be a percentage point, 1000 points? In fact, the title of Zhu Qingyuan "famous Xuan" three words is simply not what the typo, "three points" is not added up, but a variant of script writing. We first look at the "name". "Shuowen Jiezi" to "name" to explain: "he also, from the mouth, pennsylvania. Evening, night also. Ming did not meet, so as to exit from the name." Therefore, the "name" is composed of "Xi" "mouth" composed of pictographic characters. We say, "the famous Xuan" three words for the official script. In the script, "a" word "Xi" can also be written two. This kind of writing has appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty "Cao Quan monument", in Qing Dynasty official script is more widely used (see Figure two). Let’s look at the word "Shi". The "explanation" of the "people" to explain: ". The number began one, and finally ten. From one, ten. Confucius said, "push ten to one."" As we know, "Shi" is composed of "ten" "one" composed of ideographic characters. So, how do the two come from? In the Qing Dynasty: the "Gu Nanyuan Li Bian", such as "ancient" indicate the wording, "". Although the word "Shi" and two writing.相关的主题文章: