Jiangxi Shangrao affray people were control caused by debt disputes in Beijing 444kk.com

Jiangxi Shangrao affray were caused by control – because of debt disputes Beijing China Jiangxi Reuters reporter Huang Yuanyuan reported: the evening of September 12th, Binjiang Shangrao Road, Xinzhou District a gate of the company occurred due to corporate debt disputes triggered by the case of affray, wounded 3 people. It is understood that the police have control over the suspect, the case is under further investigation is. 20:30 on September 12th Xu, together with the company because of debt disputes triggered by the mob in Xinzhou District Binjiang road in front of a company brawl case, injured 3 people (both in hospital). After receiving the alarm, the police quickly organized police arrived at the scene, the scene control more than suspects. At the same time, immediately dispatched elite police task force set up to carry out comprehensive investigation of the case, to arrest the suspect. At present, the case is under investigation, the cause of the fight is recognized as caused by the debt dispute between the company of affray case. Ben reporter reminded, for any information that has not been verified, please do not blindly believe that the majority of users and communication, manufacturing and deliberately spread rumors, need to bear legal responsibility.相关的主题文章: