Jiangsu Zhenjiang farmers to capture new network of nearly one meter long salamander weighs 12.5 pou clazziquai

Jiangsu Zhenjiang farmers capture wawayu nearly a meter in length and weighed 12.5 pounds – Beijing, Jiangsu Zhenjiang farmer wawayu captured nearly a meter in length and weighs 12.5 pounds. Zhong Xueman photo Nanjing, September, 22 electric (Zhong Xueman), we look at it, what is this thing? Slimy, cry like a child cry." In September 22nd, the king of Jiangsu town of Jurong City Dai village villager Yu Shixiang in their own fish pond fishing caught a strange fish, startled. The Jurong Municipal Agricultural Commission fisheries guidance Station staff arrived at the scene confirmed that this is a giant salamander. In Yu Zuqiang’s home, the reporter saw this on the elliptical plastic bowl giant, nearly one meter in length, weighing 12.5 pounds. According to Yu Zuqiang, midnight today, as before he, fishing at home in front of the pond, suddenly found net has a length of four feet long tail "fish", because had not seen this kind of fish, he will be really shocked, so he will take fish ashore in the village, people have never seen this kind of fish, everyone gathered to see strange. Then, the old than using a mobile phone to check on the Internet, that this kind of fish is a "giant", there may be two national protected wild amphibian animal, so he immediately to the village cadres to reflect this situation, the village cadres and quickly and the Jurong fishery supervision brigade contact, the Fishery Department staff arrived at the scene confirmed this is the "giant", known as the giant salamander. "Nearly 60 years have not seen a giant, let alone was so great". Said an old man in the village. Jurong fishery battalion Hong Yuding told reporters that the giant salamander body length more than one meter, weighing 12.5 pounds, is first found in Jurong such a large salamander. Hong Yuding said, from the head of the salamander preliminary judgment, this salamander probably survived about 6 years, estimated to be some time ago rain made this salamander to the pond. The concrete is not wild giant salamander, the site also not sure, need to be further identified. (end)相关的主题文章: