Japanese media the United States in the South China Sea exercises to submarine as an imaginary enemy ca1816

Japanese media: the United States in the South China Sea exercises to the submarine as an imaginary enemy to contain China, according to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun 7 reported that the U.S. Navy recently held in the South China Sea military exercises specifically for submarines. Reported that, due to China has a submarine base in Hainan Island, so the exercise is considered to be a Chinese submarine as an imaginary enemy, with strong intention to contain. Reported that the U.S. military exercises held on October 3rd to 4, dispatched the U.S. military in the good Richard amphibious assault ship and the destroyer of 2 missiles. Sankei Shimbun said the U.S. military plans to deploy the latest F-35 stealth fighter in the South China sea. U.S. troops ready to start in January next year, the base of the country in the rock base in the county to deploy the aircraft, and is equipped with the hornet amphibious assault ship. U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Swift said that the exercise is to prepare for the U.S. Marine Corps (base) deployed F-35 fighter landing ships". Kyodo news agency said, in the two missile destroyers in April began to implement surveillance tasks in the adjacent waters of the South China sea. In September 29th Swift made it clear that the U.S. will in 2019 to the Pacific region more rapid reaction force to the amphibious assault ship as the main force, will be stationed in Japan also plans to base 4 ships deployed to the front, to strengthen the surveillance of the situation. "Asahi Shimbun" said, in the exercise before the 2 U.S. ships docked in Vietnam, this is the end of the Vietnam War military ships docked at the base for the first time. In addition, the United States also held a joint military exercises with Philippines, the two sides in the South China Sea near the island of Palawan exercises on the island of 4. Reported that the move is intended for the United States because of the South China Sea issue with neighboring countries tensions escalating situation, showing its influence and contain china.相关的主题文章: