Japan held joint exercises Abe military expansion ambitions a key step vidalia

Japan held joint exercises Abe military expansion ambitions a crucial step in data figure: Japan US military exercises "sword". As part of the ongoing "sword" exercises, the SDF and U.S. 7 near Okinawa in the first implementation of the joint exercises reflect the new security law. Although the Japanese Ministry of defense repeatedly stressed that the exercise is a "routine nature", but the effect in the new security law under the background of the exercise to the important influence of the new "situation" concept, breaking the geographical restrictions, and actively drills to strengthen the SDF to provide rear support ability for the US to still have doubts. Thus, Andouble with a new security overhead the peace constitution, a push to expand the SDF overseas military activities and the function of the "expansion" ambition has taken a key step. The "sword" military exercises since 1986, held every two years, is one of the largest military exercises between the two countries. This year’s exercise in October 30th the official debut, about 11 thousand troops and 26 thousand Japanese troops, 260 aircraft and 20 ships in the surrounding Okinawa, Guam, Japan, Tinian and the Northern Mariana Islands and the waters of amphibious landing exercises and missile defense. Prior to the "sword" exercises in Japan, was based on "surrounding situation law" the implementation of the SDF to us "rear support" exercises, but will be forced through the "Andouble government in last year’s new security law surrounding situation law" was renamed "the important impact of this Law", in fact, the lifting of the SDF the implementation of the "rear support" action is limited to Japan around the geographical limits and will expand to countries outside the U.S. market, and the so-called peace and security of Japan has important influence of "situation" judgment only attributed to the subjective judgment of the Japanese government, not subject to parliamentary scrutiny constraints, so in the "sword" in military exercises in the implementation of the "important events", how to implement the "SDF rear support for U.S. military exercises caused great concern to the outside world. According to the Japanese Ministry of defense published schedule, the Japan US joint military exercises New Security Based on the method of the us into combat with other countries, the important influence of "situation" is the premise of the implementation of the Japanese government, on November 7th and 9 in Okinawa County, east of the original island and surrounding waters floating. In the implementation of the exercise on the 7, imagine the U.S. military aircraft crashed in the high seas in the crash, the Japanese air self defense force large transport helicopters rushed to the scene to rescue the U.S. crew in distress at sea. 9, Japan and the United States will also be implemented in a non public form of a larger scale exercises, Japan and the United States on the water rescue aircraft in the sea to rescue a large number of injured. But in the future, in addition to the U.S. to joint military exercises held with allies, the Japanese self defense force also plans based on the new security law simulation exercises provide ammunition to other friendly fuel for battle Friendly aircraft, as well as the further implementation of "hypothetical exercise of collective self-defense training". In this regard, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said the 7 day of the Japan US military exercise shows that the use of the new security law between Japan and the United States forces have been officially launched, the SDF will expand the scope of the rear to support the global foundation. Japan’s Jiji news agency also issued a document that the Japanese government will continue to use the Japan US alliance system and the coverage of the global security cooperation network相关的主题文章: