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IPO enterprises will be reduced to 83 the number of years in the 7 banks to get approval of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The last two months of the issuance examination committee of enterprise IPO applications than previously reduced, the number of August and September audit were 10 and 13 in the newspaper reporter Zhu Baochen had because there is a need to further implement the relevant matters engineering was canceled the Audit Commission of the Limited by Share Ltd (Suzhou) in the first application, again on September 28th get through. Securities Daily reporters after combing noted that as of September 28th, the meeting will be reduced to 83 companies. In addition, according to data released by the Commission, as of September 22nd, not too would normally pending corporate enterprise 689, 57 enterprises suspend the review. The number of enterprises to terminate the review was 32. According to the April 4, 2014 release of "regulatory issue Q", apply for IPO by the suspension of the review of the enterprise is divided into four cases: the application documents are not complete as a result of the audit process can not continue; the result of the audit process can not continue to be doubts about the qualification of the issuer or intermediary occupation behavior; the information disclosed by issuers have questioned the need for further verification; the issuer offered to suspend review of audit work or other cause can not carry out properly. "Securities Daily" reporter noted that since the first case and suspend review of 42 companies; for fourth cases aborted review 10; in addition, there are 5 companies for second kinds of situations and suspend the review. As for the termination of the review of the enterprise, according to the Commission previously announced the situation, the problems include: the part of shareholders and the board of directors shares of the source of funds is not clear, equity ownership is not clear; the changing trend of income, profits of Listed Companies in the same industry and inconsistent and put Neo by inadequate performance of the reporting period; sharply, a few enterprises or even a loss; large capital turnover, financial transactions behavior is not disclosed in the prospectus, disclosure of information is not complete; the application documents in multiple business data and the difference of error, information disclosure is not consistent. It is noteworthy that, in the past two months, the issuance examination committee of the number of applications for IPO audit companies have been reduced compared with the previous. Among them, the August fashenwei audit 10 companies starting applications, among them, 9 passed, 1 were not; in September, by the end of the 28 day, only approved 13 companies starting applications, among them, 12 passed, 1 was not. Although each month the number of enterprises has decreased, but the IPO approval but in everything in good order and well arranged underground. On Friday, the Commission issued the approval of IPO 12 companies, which have relatively high degree of concern of the two companies, xinhuanet.com is one of them. The industry believes that, as the Central News website vanguard, xinhuanet.com listing means that the cultural and media sector will be added in the national team". Another concern is the Bank of Shanghai. Shanghai bank to get IP theory相关的主题文章: