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IPhone7 also exploded? They are cleaning up the time bomb, the original title: iPhone 7 also exploded? They are clearing this time bomb:     source: Gong "deep blue Deeper Blue" (WeChat ID:deeperbluetech). Samsung does not cry, Apple also exploded. U.S. technology blog BoyGeniusReport an article drying out early this morning, a new apple iPhone7 seems to have exploded. Nickname for @kroopthesnoop users posted a photo in the Reddit forum, his black iPhone7 serious damage, screen cracking, the border has obvious traces of burning. Apple shares fell on Thursday opened. Previously, Samsung Note 7 phones in the world has caused nearly 40 explosions. In the afternoon of September 26th, another National Bank of Note 7 explosion, which is in China Note 7, the explosion of the fourth. Florida Nathan Donache (Nathan user Dornacher) use the Samsung Note 7 Note7 before the explosion, he charged in the car. The car steering wheel, the dashboard has changed dramatically. The afternoon of September 2, 2016, Samsung held a press conference in South Korea, President Gao Dongzhen made a public apology for the mobile sector explosion Samsung Note 7 battery, announced that due to battery defects, Samsung will stop selling the Note 7 mobile phone, and the recall of 2 million 500 thousand Note 7. Samsung Corp may be "continuous explosion door" loss of nearly $5 billion — as with South Korea more than 1/5 of the GDP of Samsung, this time really alerted the country. Six days later, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a statement, strongly recommended that passengers in the aircraft off the Note7 power supply, do not use or charge". Then, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) formally called on consumers to stop using Note 7 and turn off the power supply". The beginning of the Domino effect, multinational aviation sector issued a warning to remind passengers to stop using Note 7, which also includes China Civil aviation. According to Samsung itself, Note 7 is a lithium-ion battery cell phone batteries out of the question. Because of the manufacturing process error, the cathode and anode of the battery contact, resulting in overheating of the battery core and cause an explosion. Explosion is not terrible, continuous explosion is terrible. This can not help but recall the same battery, continuous fire tesla. At the end of 2015, Tesla is also busy with the global delivery statistics for last year, the total reached 50580 proud achievements, Norway in January 1st a Model S charging suddenly caught fire — fortunately no Hao car相关的主题文章: