IPhone 7 wireless headset will use Apple’s own communications technology to give up mainstream Bluet-yuanjiao

IPhone 7 wireless headset will use Apple’s own Bluetooth communication technology Tencent Francisco Apple abandon the upcoming new fall conference, and the new mobile phone will cancel the traditional 3.5 mm headset interface, the user through the wireless headset to listen to music. According to the latest foreign media news, Apple will launch a new wireless headset, and Apple will use a Bluetooth wireless communication chip and inconsistent and technology, the future of this technology may also be used for apple, smart cars and other fields of intelligent Home Furnishing. According to the U.S. technology news site AppleInsider reported that Apple’s new wireless headset named AirPods, will occupy a place in the high-end headphone market. This Tuesday, Guo Mingji Taiwan KGI Securities Analyst Apple disclosed the long-term concern of dynamic new technology of Apple Wireless Communication message. He said, iPhone 7 to cancel the headset jack, so the wireless headset will play a very important role. He said that apple is likely to launch its own design, similar to the existing Bluetooth communication chips and technology, this chip will be used for AirPods and focus. In addition, AirPods is mainly concerned about the high-end headphone market, while in the midrange market, Apple will continue to use the acquisition of the Beats brand. Guo Mingji did not disclose the sale price of the new wireless headset. He said that in the new version of the phone, wireless headset will become the default audio output. Allegedly, Apple’s wireless communication chips and protocols used and Bluetooth similar technology, but there are differences. This apple has lower power consumption of its own communications technology, in addition to the headset has a wider range of uses, such as smart home, smart cars, etc.. Guo Mingji said that Apple may deviate from the traditional Bluetooth protocol, proprietary communication protocol will give Apple more freedom and future development space. He said that Taiwan semiconductor foundry TSMC may have been in the manufacture of Apple’s communications chip. In addition, responsible for OEM manufacturers Inventec headset and Wei precision industry. In addition, the analyst also said that Apple will not be tied to the wireless headset in the new mobile phone sales. In addition, the packing box of photos other website disclosure shows that Apple will be in the mobile phone package provides an interface based on lightning ", in addition to a wired headset" will also be for the traditional 3.5 mm headset provides an audio signal converter. Apple’s wireless headset brand AirPods, a few months ago, Apple has been informed of the trademark registration has been informed by the media. The name combines Apple’s existing wireless streaming media technology "AirPlay", as well as traditional iOS devices to provide "EarPods" headphones. In addition, a research report a few days ago, Guo Mingji also revealed that Apple’s new mobile phone will offer three versions of the flash memory, including 32GB, 128GB and 256GB, the mobile phone camera module will also use an improved flash components, can be in low light environments for better shooting. In addition, the new phone will provide the so-called True Tone display technology, better able to present a new camera shot photos. September 7th (Beijing time, September 8th), type相关的主题文章: