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IPhone 7, how to dispose of the old version of the iPhone 69 Sept. 9, concern today at 3 p.m. iPhone 7 in Apple’s official website, apple Tmall flagship store, Jingdong, Suning and other channels open book, September 16th officially listed. See the iPhone 7 series uses more A10 Fusion processor, equipped with a new dual stereo speaker system, increase the waterproof performance, rear 12 million OIS+ front 7 million pixel camera touch Home key, the new new Retina HD display, more bright, brilliant and faster 4G speeds, you are not already full of excitement. eager! Before the new apple market, but also the old iPhone disposal and circulation of high incidence and the last golden period. Before buying iPhone 7, how to properly dispose of the old version of iPhone, has become the heart of a powder, after all iPhone 7 at five, six thousand, the general wage level is not just to get out. Here I take a more general iPhone 6 as an example to talk about. (PS: Apple 6 just for two years, a large number of users is in need of replacement). I believe that the old version of the iPhone is nothing more than the following. The first is to collect their own or send relatives and friends, this method is simple, but only a few people have this hobby or conditions. Apple’s official website for the old second: go to Apple’s official website directly to the old. Apple’s official website has introduced a new policy. According to reports, iPhone 4 4S reached a maximum of $130, iPhone 5 5C maximum reach $375, 5S highest reach $640, iPhone 6 highest reach $1700. The apple official website to see their use of Hong Kong version of iPhone 6 (64GB version), found no fault, is only worth 1650 yuan. Apple to replace the official website, this approach is convenient and fast, the disadvantage is that it is not worthwhile. Third: go to the secondary trading platform for sale, such as recycling and love, such as second-hand platform. The author iPhone 6 appearance only slight damage, in the use of fast two years, is about to protect the case, around the assessment of its recovery price of 2830 yuan, not bad. It is understood that, in addition to supporting the consignment, in order to protect the interests of buyers and sellers around, also set up a special inspection service, not only for buyers to buy the rest assured, but also to enhance the success rate of transactions in order to attract more sellers, the transaction can reach faster. Fourth, users can also choose electronic business platform, such as Jingdong replacement. But I found that the price is not very high Jingdong recovery, the author of the iPhone 6 only assessed the recovery price of 1975 yuan, but only to provide the equivalent of Jingdong E card, is not very cost-effective. Summary: through the above comparison of several ways, I found that in the secondary iPhone trading platform around the sale, the largest recovery price, users get the most affordable. And the 58 group is the latest launch,.相关的主题文章: