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Real-Estate Interior designer to the stars Kelly Hoppen has put her London home on the market for a cool 6million. The house in Notting Hill is a four bedroom Georgian property which has been tastefully designed in the neutral colours that she is renowned for. She has worked for many celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, to transform their homes into their own little paradise. She uses imaginative lighting and eye level fires to put her touch on peoples homes. This home is fitted out with high end decor and suits the designer as the home has been created by her from start to finish, so why does she feel the need to move? Hoppen has decided that she needs a bigger house and that it is the main reason behind the house being up for sale. The two bedroom house is 2,500 sq ft but has a gym and dressing room so it could easily be a three bedroom and three bathrooms home. However the designer needs a 4,000 sq ft home at least and feels the time to move to a new home is upon her. She would also like a swimming pool and games room, which this house does not have. What is does have though is four storeys, complete with an excavated basement, pocketed doors and a poured resin floor. She compares doing up houses to having babies and feels that she now wants another one. The house is still only two and a half years old so still feels like a new home. Kelly Hoppen has some advice though in regards to renovating a home. Firstly do not skimp on plumbing, heating, air conditioning and lighting. Kitchen cabinets can be bought at B&Q and still look the part but the others need to be just right. She certainly knows her stuff. She bought the Notting Hill house in 2008 and redesigned it in two days. It was then rebuilt in five months which is quite a feat when you consider that the basement was excavated and a laundry room, gym and dressing room installed. However she states that her previous house was rebuilt within three months but this time the builder said no when she asked if this house could be on the same time scale. She says that time is money when building houses and so financially if you do something quicker, the better. A good builder and project manager needs to be in place from the outset. Most of her clients have a bottomless purse of money when they instruct her to design for them but she does advise some of them to look at the Kelly Hoppen design school and it will save you hundreds of thousands of pounds. Rory Bremner and his wife Tessa took this advice and said that it was invaluable. In the Notting Hill house she has put a lot of effort into the kitchen and the master bedroom. She feels that lighting is the key to any space and has used it wisely throughout this house. The master bedroom has a silk carpet and handmade bed by Duxiana. However with an asking price of 6million, will Ms Hoppen get it? A house on the same street with four bedrooms sold for 3.1million in 2009, although granted it did not have the Kelly Hoppen touch to it. A makeover by her can cost 1million alone and some of the interiors are Kelly Hoppen originals developed especially for the house. These features are waterfall lights and doors that actually slide into the walls. There is also an open sided staircase. So when all this is weighed up perhaps she will achieve her asking price after all. ..uklandforsale.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: