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Intelligent supercomputer, will become the open world of the Da Vinci code – Sohu technology speed, can change everything. In the car, the subway was invented, ground transportation speed, the city seems smaller; in the invention of the airplane, the intercontinental long-distance travel is possible, let the earth become smaller; when the acceleration of the LHC for micro particles, and produce new particles after collision was unknown, the microscopic world of the truth to us with a new angle; when the film "the body" in Lucy’s brain and body function development to 100%, the body disappeared, and become a super computer, equal to anything everywhere (HPC)… On May 23, the sixth session of the high performance computing user conference held in Beijing. General assembly to follow the pulse of the times of "super wisdom" as the theme, attracted nearly a thousand from scientific research institutes, Internet, aerospace, oil exploration, bio pharmaceutical and other industries at home and abroad a lot of participants, on-site guest lecture forum full of wonderful view of dry cargo, colorful, let us open the future of smart supercomputer the way and the path have a clearer understanding of. In my opinion, "the body" interpretation of the story is not pure imagination, especially in the HPC by P E to sprint, artificial intelligence once again usher in the explosive growth of today, we have reason to believe that the wisdom of supercomputer will become human open the unknown world of the Da Vinci code. E calculation, it will be possible to achieve in the 2020~2022 years attending the ISC2016 conference this year, I traveled to visit the Mercedes Benz and BMW Automobile Museum, the engine technology and product display, in which two more than 100 years of auto giant Museum occupied a prominent position of the Yao, engine of progress, become the core of the original one of the driving power of automobile industry development. Supercomputer is also so, especially after human beings enter into the Internet era, big data has become the trend of digital fuel economy, while HPC is playing the role of the engine is actually a digital economy, it is because of the strong force is to enhance HPC, can make PB level data to mining, transfer, sharing, utilization. According to IDC survey data show that in 2015 the global HPC budget investment grew by 11%, in 2016 there will be greater growth. But because the semiconductor process is close to the limit, the risk of failure in Moore’s law is gradually increased, at this year’s HPC TOP500 rankings this year, in addition to the top of Taihu Xindeng Shenwei, like the Milky way 2, Titan, Sequoia, Beijing and other ranking system, the performance of modest progress. Overall, the performance of HPC growth in the gradual slowdown in the band, which had to trigger our vigilance. E calculated using simple vernacular to describe, is 100 quadrillion times per second operation, and currently ranked the world’s top HPC TOP500 "Shenwei · Taihu light", the system peak performance of 125.436PFlops continuous performance for 93.015PFlops, power · Taihu light let HPC first 10 quadrillion times crossed the integer calculation but, to achieve E level calculation.相关的主题文章: