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Insider exposure Feng Ke Jane Zhang let the men around "desert" – Jane Zhang and mother of Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news yesterday (October 8th) Jane Zhang and Feng Ke traced the wedding will be held in Italy in November 8th, this morning (October 9th) all star of handwritten letter exposed Jane Zhang mother Ms. Zhang Gui Ying, Jane Zhang’s mother Feng Ke alleged son-in-law when the daughter is not a tool to make money, life could be entrusted to man, clearly opposed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s marriage. The news is a great concern of users, then a There were many discussions. With Jane Zhang, Feng Ke exchanges and cooperation for many years the famous singer broker Ms. H to the all star Exploration Initiative broke the news, she said the mother of Jane Zhang open letter content basically true, she can feel from between the lines to Jane Zhang’s mother’s helplessness and sadness. Jane Zhang was taken back to Chengdu to prepare for the wedding. Feng Ke intimate with the bouquet. The famous manager disclosed that Jane Zhang is particularly simple, immersed in the music, at the age of 19 and Feng Ke together, the traditional code of conduct is not very understanding, while Feng Ke is a shrewd businessman, usually, the way of getting along with people for partners is very general, long contact time will find him there is obvious "with the people in front, not towards the people". Feng Ke and Jane Zhang the broker is a Feng Ke banned Jane Zhang privately and all male contacts within one meter no male, so Jane Zhang in life work of male barren, had a male singer sent ambiguous messages to Jane Zhang, Feng Ke see after quarreling with Jane Zhang. The agent said, Feng Ke completely to control Jane Zhang. On Jane Zhang’s property, the broker said, Jane Zhang’s current performance fee in the millions, even if only two months, a year down how to say it has 30 million, before fees although not so much, but many performances. In addition, Jane Zhang as well as advertising, business activities and other sources of income, according to her estimate of more than ten years down the income of Jane Zhang should be three hundred million or four hundred million.相关的主题文章: