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Inquiry: the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, incidentally word is wrong it is Nanjing’s first Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum world cultural heritage sites". Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum city tunnel exit positive wall, engraved with "the mountain Taizu tomb incidentally" seven Han Chinese characters. It is said that the early years of the Republic, often have visitors curious to inquire about his tomb in where, so that managers carved the seven words at the eye-catching Po City, in order to answer visitors. Now, let visitors curious is that these seven words in "Ming" writing "incidentally", deliberately wrote or wrong? It had to start from the Ming dynasty. Jin Yong’s novel "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", Ming and Yuan Dynasty irreconcilable opposed to. But in the novel a few characters and historical figures such as coincidence, there is quite a chapter of Zhu Yuanzhang, brave and faithful and monk Peng Yingyu, Chang Yuchun. Then the Zhu Yuanzhang Dynasty and Ming is really a relationship? According to historian Wu Han, "Daming" meaning indeed for some. Ming is a Persian Mani, the first year of Tang Yanzai Chinese because of its light incoming, worship, so called ming. Ming has great appeal for those at the bottom of the social oppression and exploitation of the people, because they believe that those born, can change the status quo, you will have a good time. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Ming is the use of this point in the majority of poor farmers to preach, ready armed uprising. To the eleven years, the confiscation of 150 thousand turn repair of the Yellow River, Han Shantong, Liu Futong et al in the governance of the river where the pre buried only with "stone eye, is a world anti -" one eyed stone, and spread the "stone eye, provoking the world against the Yellow River prophecies. The people wanted change the river have dug stone after the outbreak of the uprising rush about telling the news around spreading, homeopathy. After that, Liu Futong stood up for Xiao Wang, Han Liner. Later, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered Liao Yongzhong to attack the powerful, Wang Xiaoming to own army, the way the princess Han Liner died, Shen Xiaoming, Zhu Yuanzhang immediately became the emperor. "Daming" name is Wang Xiaoming to inherit. Means Zhu Yuanzhang is Ming world, other people do not have legitimacy, to help stabilize the heart. In addition, the word represents the light is separated from the day and month of two words, indicates that the Ming Dynasty’s glory will shine like the sun, like the moon brilliance forever. Based on these factors, there is a saying: "Ming" word so moral, so that the Qing Dynasty rulers taboo, they start on the glyph. The Imperial Emperor Kangxi in the "Kangxi dictionary" in order "is incidentally Hongwu rhyme", "Han Jin Tang Song Yuan incidentally since" the sentence, with "incidentally" as "ming". Although Kangxi Zhu Yuanzhang praised the political and military achievements than the Tang and sung, but "incidentally" means the Qing Dynasty replaced Ming Zhaocai is "the sun and the moon," Dai Ming "and have no month, incidentally" no light, so "incidentally" words should be no light and dark. But from the development of Chinese characters, this argument seems far fetched. Han Xu Shen "Shuowen Jiezi" interpretation of the word "Ming" said: "Ming, as well. From July, from embarrassed. Ming Dynasty, ancient Ming, from the day." "Embarrassed" is the form of the window, the moonlight through the window into the symbol of indoor lighting effects to achieve. That is to say, "Ming", "Ming" is ancient, and later evolved Chengwei相关的主题文章: