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Internet-and-Business-Online Targeted traffic is more likely to respond to your website promotions. Without a targeted traffic campaign, you are limited to reaching your audience through search engine results. Recent statistics from Nielsen rating show that internet users return to a visited website where a purchase was made around 60% of the time. When you buy targeted traffic through a quality traffic service .pany, that 60% increase can be yours. Increased web site traffic is possible with a targeted traffic campaign. An effective targeted traffic campaign will increase your web site traffic from first time visitors that are likely to buy. It is up to you to keep your increased web site traffic intrigued enough with your website to stay. The staying power of a website is the websites stickiness. Having a well-developed profile of your targeted audience during website development and when you buy targeted traffic will build stickiness – and revenue. The longer new visitors stay, the more likely they are to opt-in on your promotions or return to your website to buy. In order to create valuable content to increase web site traffic, you must be able to define what your targeted traffic considers valuable. Saturn, a General Motors car, learned this first hand. Originally, the Saturn website contained content that flattered their cars, boasted of the .panys reputation, and provided a list of dealers. Their website traffic found little reason to stay unless they had already decided to buy a Saturn car, or were in the decision making process of deciding which car to buy. Additionally, the behaviors of their customers were not considered. Their stickiness rate was poor. Repeat visitors were few. Saturn revamped their website, filled it with interactive content more valuable to their users – and their website traffic tripled. Their website traffic has now increased to account for over 80% of their buying leads. A .pany with such heavy branding must also invest money and buy search engine optimisation services to increase web site traffic. For a smaller .pany however, it is cost effective to buy targeted traffic to increase web site traffic. Search engine .petition is high, and when you buy targeted traffic it will give you a significant advantage over your .petitors. You will have the means to capture that first time customer and turn them into a returning customer. Once your increase in web site traffic is satisfied with your product or service, they wont be searching for your .petitors. To increase web site traffic from your targeted traffic market, making the choice to buy targeted traffic gives you the first opportunity to capture the customer for good. A .pany to buy traffic from must offer you the choice to buy targeted traffic that will be interested in your well-developed content. Website stickiness can turn into sales when you choose to buy targeted traffic services. A targeted customer is likely to be a returning customer. Returns build revenues. The targeted website traffic you buy will increase your sales, your reputation, and even your word-of-mouth advertising. Your increase in web site traffic from your strategy to buy website traffic will increase future direct visits to your website and wont increase the future traffic to your .petitors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: