In order to feel the color of the world, his skull was fitted with an antenna into an electronic man-9c8921

In order to feel the color of the world, his skull was fitted with an antenna into an electronic man – Sohu technology + human =? The answer is to say that today’s electronic people Lolo hero, is the world’s first electronic government license. Born in 1982, Neil Harbisson, grew up learning music and art, at the age of 11 will be for the piano, 16 years old when he began to study art creation, his school provides an exception a privilege for him: you can not use color pigment painting. Because Neil is a full color. In the Neil world, all the things in black and white ash do not see other colors, this color for normal people is hard to imagine. For him, black and white is monotonous, but also let him feel the difference between himself and others. But at the age of 21, Neil began to live a life of super power "listening". In 2003, a man named Adam Neil and Montandon computer scientists started a project in several other scientists to help, they developed a Eyeborg electronic eye, the picture is Neil on the head of the small antenna. This is actually a color sensor, which can detect the frequency of the sensor to receive the color, and the frequency signal to the chip implanted in the back of the brain Neil. The chip converts the color signal into an acoustic signal. Through bone conduction, so that Neil can hear the sound of the "color"". The working principle of the chip is not complicated: the frequency of different colors is different, and the frequency of sound waves determines the tone of the sound. With the ear to identify the different colors represented by the tone, the color can be converted into sound. Eyeborg was implanted into the skull of Neil, one with him. Make him a Cyborg. It is usually described as "cyborg", "cyborg" or "cyborg". DC comic fans may be Cyborg ("steel") have the impression that this super hero due to accidental injuries, in order to extend the life absorbed a lot of high-tech, has become a Cyborg half man and half machine. Neil fused with Eyeborg, making him a real Saiberg (Cyborg). In order to adapt to the eye, Neil not only to the habit of listening to different frequencies, but also to so many colors of the frequency and he had never seen together, the artist can be sensitive to music that he completely adapted to the electronic eye. Neil after hanging up, life interesting to you can not imagine. Sherry faces the sea heard the voice of the sea cry and I stand in the street to the imperial haze in sunny days and the difference between "ah hey quickly called me technology media ranked Top3 Lu poet! "With the electronic eye, Neil’s experience of going to the art gallery has become so wonderful that others can only see with their eyes, but he can hear Picasso. What about相关的主题文章: