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In 1 hours of flood rescue workers digging out young end rolling flood, danger has occurred. The evening of September 28th at 18:18 by Typhoon Megi, Hangzhou heavy rains in Ling’an, the water level rose rapidly, Sun Zhen a flood of workers were digging siege, the situation is extremely critical. Received a public warning after the potential fire squadron members rushed to the scene, the water crisis rescue. At 18:37 PM, firefighters arrived at the scene, in front of the scene so that people worry: flood downstream, floating down from the upper branches and debris was instantly flooded, if people were rushed into the waves, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. After knowing the situation, the players quickly investigated the scene and looked for positions suitable for rescue. After investigation and comparison, the players quickly determine the rescue point, because the flood is very urgent, the terrain environment restrictions, rescue team decided to use ropes to build air passage, rescue trapped people. 2 rescue team members with good water were immediately put on belts and safety ropes, and they were approached slowly by the protection of the rope behind the rescue personnel, and a little careless would be washed away. After the tacit coordination of the players, in the heavy rain for 1 hours of rescue, finally successfully transferred the trapped personnel to the safe zone. It is understood that the trapped workers digging machine is a young, want to see the weather the rain machine transferred to a safe area, the car carrying the man trapped in the flood.

滚滚洪水中施救1小时 年轻挖机工人终脱困滚滚洪水中,险情时有发生。9月28日晚18时18分,受台风鲇鱼影响,杭州临安市普降大雨,水位急促上涨,太阳镇一名挖机工人被大水围困,情况万分危急。接到群众报警后,於潜消防中队队员火速赶往现场,展开了水上危情救援。18时37分许,消防队员到达现场,眼前一幕让人心焦:滚滚洪水顺流而下,不断从上流飘下来的树枝和杂物瞬间就被淹没,如果是人被冲入浪中,后果不堪设想。队员们了解情况后,迅速侦查现场地势,寻找适合救援的阵地。经过侦查比较,队员们迅速确定救援点,由于洪水很急,地形环境限制,救援队员决定用绳索搭建空中就生通道营救被困者。2名水性较好的救援队员随即系上腰带和安全绳,通过后方救援人员绳索的保护慢慢靠近被困人员,稍有不慎就会被冲走。经过队员们的默契配合,在大雨中进行了1个小时的救援终于成功将被困人员转移到安全地带。据了解,该被困人员是一名年轻的挖机工人,见天气大雨想把挖机转移到安全区域,结果连人带车一起困在洪水中。相关的主题文章: