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A breakup can happen for various reasons and causes a lot of heartache for many people. Here are some tips on how to recover from a breakup quickly and successfully. Reasons why people do not recover quickly from a breakup Many of us are unable to handle a breakup especially when we have invested a lot of time and energy in keeping it alive. Though many of our friends advice use to pick up the pieces and move on, it is easier said than done. Instead of trying to get over it, we: Be.e aloof and start sulking. We stay away from people and start brooding alone which is a very unhealthy thing to do. This is because we may have stopped socializing when we got into the relationship and now do not know how to get back into the social circle again. We do not have the energy or desire to take up our hobbies or get involved in any sporting activity as we feel the pain is too much to handle. We hope that our ex will hear that we are suffering and .e back to us. These are foolish assumptions that do not work and the quicker we start seeking help, the better for our state of mind. We should learn not to assume that if we love fully, they will never leave us. Anyone can walk out on a relationship for whatever reason and though it is hard to accept, it is futile trying to get them back. Steps to take to recover from a breakup How to recover from a breakup? Convince yourself that this is the best thing that could have happened to you. You have been too dependent on your ex and are now suffering from the breakup. Feel lucky that it happened now and not later when you may not have been able to .e out of this sad situation. It is better to breakup when things are not going well for you or you will end up miserable in an unsatisfying relationship. Now that you are alone you should go out and seek the .pany of your dear friends and family members. Revel in the fact that you can enjoy several hours in their .pany instead of being cooped at home alone with your miserable thoughts. You would not have this chance if you were still in a relationship. Enjoy the laughter and fun when you are out and get involved in different activities to keep your mind off your ex. Soon you will look forward to these outings and feel happy to be in their midst. Improve your personality Another good way of getting over the blues is to get a grip and try to improve your health, your wardrobe and dress up smartly. This automatically makes you feel good about life in general. Get involved in physical activity by joining up at a gym or enrolling in swimming sessions. Get new clothes and get a haircut. These activities will make you feel happy and relaxed when you are in the .pany of friends. If you realize that you have some faults that should be corrected, try to do so in order to avoid making the same mistakes when you meet someone new. Keep your eyes open and learn to love and laugh again as you owe it to yourself. There are many fish in the sea and once you find someone who you feel will bring you happiness and joy, try to hold on to them and get involved in a new relationship. This time you will be more careful and do all you can to make it a happy one. Trouble-free Methods Of Saw – An A-z By: Elizbeth Jenkins – Studies conducted over saw palmetto affirmed a positive effect by lowering how normally BPH targets really feel the ought to urinate. Having said that, as the Kapex is an unconscionably dazzling … Tags: Why Not Happiness? By: Michael C. Graham By: Self-Publishing Articles – Life is filled with tragic events, challenging obstacles, and unexplainable behavior. 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