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How to find out how the alien language communication? Linguists to tell you about the way of communication, if the discovery of aliens, the language barrier how to communicate? Linguists have played an important role in filling the gap between humans and aliens. Sina Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in the upcoming sci-fi movie "come" (Arrival), the number of ship mysterious spacecraft to the surface of the earth, and mankind will need to address how to close, the final communication with the alien and alien problem. In the film, the Agency convened a team of experts to investigate, including a linguist. Although the film is based on science fiction, the question is very practical: how can you communicate with someone if you don’t have a third language as a medium? How can we learn each other’s language? The film according to Ted ginger (Ted Chiang) of the short story "your life story" adaptation. It focuses on the common themes of science fiction: the alien language. But it not only describes the communication barriers caused by different languages, but also describes the huge differences between the alien language and the human language. It is a tradition of science fiction that science fiction is very interested in language and communication." Jiang said in an interview. In both novels and movies, linguists have played an important role in filling the gap between humans and aliens. Bentley, a linguist at the University of the United States, (Daniel Everett) believes that it is possible to do. "A linguist with a lot of practical experience can do it. This is what they do." Everett said. Language learning in the past thirty years, Everett has been working in Brazil and the Amazon region Pilaha, and study their language learning. In his work, the language is rarely documented. Pihala language is a language isolate called, is one of the last surviving. This is because some of the unusual characteristics of language and famous, such as lack of numerals and the "left" and "right" relative direction words. These characteristics are summed up in the years of work Everett. As their language, Pihala people life and isolation, would only say this kind of language. Therefore, although Everett does not speak Portuguese (the official language of Brazil), there is no problem. He put forward relevant and Pihala language problems, and not through the third languages both will say the assistance, but through the investigation of monolingual way. Everett pointed out that if an object you pointing to the side, such as a stick, and asked the name of it (even in English, this action will do) will usually be understood as "ask the name of the object". After understanding the names of objects, linguists will be able to further understanding of the various action names, and how to describe the relationship between different bodies. At the same time, linguists will pay attention to the pronunciation, grammar and different morphemes of these words相关的主题文章: