How To Catch Your Spouse Cheating Online – 5 Warning Signs And 3 Ways To Catch Inter.

Did you know that online affairs account for more than 30% of all divorce litigation in the United States alone? That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to learn exactly how to catch a cheating spouse online and on the .puter, because if you don’t, then you’re making it a lot easier for yourself to be cheated on. And we don’t want that do we? As you read this article you’ll learn: 1. The Most .mon Signs of Online Infidelity 2. How to Get Proof on the .puter 3. What you Should Do to Catch Your Spouse Cheating (Trust me, you’ll want more of this!) I’m sure that at least one of those options sounds good do you, so let’s go ahead and get started…Just keep on reading! Suspicious Signs Your Spouse is Having an Online Affair Have you ever gotten a sinking feeling in your stomach after your spouse told you what they were doing online? You know what I’m talking about…That feeling that you just KNOW you’re being lied to? Well, to tell you the truth that’s one of the most powerful signs that something suspicious is going on. Don’t worry if you’ve never experienced that particular feeling before, it doesn’t prove or deny your husband/wife’s innocence, it’s just a tool. Fortunately, there are some other options too: * Your spouse quickly closes out of whatever he or she is doing when you enter the room * You notice that your spouse is always looking over your shoulder when you get on the .puter * You found out that your husband or wife has a FaceBook account you didn’t know about * Your spouse is easily irritable when they’re online I’m guessing that you’ve noticed one of those signs, but if you don’t then there are still more choices for you. Now we’re going to start digging deeper into this investigation of your partner’s fidelity. How to Get Proof of Cheating Online Think about the last time you saw an episode of CSI or some similar crime show… Even if that’s not your type of show, I’m sure you’ve seen some news story where the police dug into hidden files on a .puter to find evidence for some crime or another. Well believe it or not, you can do something similar. As you continue reading I’m going to tell you how you can find out what your husband or wife has been doing behind your back. – First, Check Internet History – This is the most basic investigation that you can do…Check your .puter’s internet history as often as possible, preferably at least once a day. I’m sure that you know that it’s possible to delete internet history, but to do so without leaving obvious holes in browsing history is really hard to do. What I mean is this: Even if your spouse deletes any and all evidence of their online cheating, then you’ll still be able to see the HOLES where their browsing history SHOULD be. Does that make sense? Here’s another tip for you: – Second, Check Cookies – Did you know that most websites automatically install a tiny tracking cookie on your .puter every time you visit their website? Rarely are cookies harmful; They’re purpose is to keep track of returning visitors and visitor behavior, also occasionally for advertising. As I’m sure you can guess, cookies can be very helpful for you as a suspicious spouse. What you should do is Google "how to check cookies" + "[your internet browser]"; since each browser is different, I can’t outline a specific process for you here (sorry guys and gals). – Last Resort, Use Tracking Software – You can also use something like a KeyLogger or some other Spy Ware like program to track your spouse’s activity on your .puter. Basically, you install a small undetectable program on your .puter, and in turn you can remotely track anything and everything your spouse does behind your back. It’s astonishing how much information you can get. 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