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Email Applications These Days In this arena of electronic mailing, email applications have also gained their importance. Different users prefer different emailing applications (according to their usage). Home users prefer free email applications while on the other hand business users prefer secured and advanced email applications. If the consideration goes to home users or some business users; Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Hotmail are preferred by most. These applications come in use for free, require internet connectivity for running and provide facilities like emailing, contacts management, task management, etc to the users. Gmail as an Emailing Applications : Gmail as an online emailing application is used by many home and business users. Design of this application is made by GOOGLE (A Big Name) and facilities like increasing storage space, customization, etc are included in it, for the convenience of user. Users also use it for instant messaging because it has an in-built chat box also. Importance of Gmail Backup : Though, this emailing application offers many facilities like priority inbox, customization, less spamming, increasing storage space, secured login, etc, its hacking is not possible owing to high security provided. The chances of its hacking become more, if you dont take care of mailbox security features. At times when your Gmail account gets hacked, you lose the accessibility on emails but, you can overcome this critical situation, by deleting the entire email account and you can go for this action confidently if you have backed your Gmail database on computer hard drive. Backup of email database is also useful during the limited internet connection because you can use your Gmail database locally with backup file if connections are not available. Gmail Backup Utility : Gmail Backup Software is one relevant utility for backing up Gmail database on computer hard drive. With it, you can back up the entire database of your Gmail account. Now the point comes, How to backup your Gmail account to computer hard drive with Gmail Backup utility? Solution : To backup the database of Gmail account on computer hard drive with Gmail backup utility; first of all you need to create a profile from File option, which is given on top of software screen. After that, you need to click the backup button from software screen. Then in software screen, you need to choose the backup type, Output format and location to save backup file, the software will start the process of backing up Gmail database on your computer hard drive. In this way, a better solution for the issue, How to backup your Gmail account to computer hard drive? comes to you. 相关的主题文章: