How much is an apple employee’s Apple ID worth 150 thousand!-marie digby

How much is an apple employee’s Apple ID worth? 150 thousand! As has been the world’s most successful technology companies, apple recently is a bad time to be iPhone, the market share decline, the stock market has suffered another setback, although overtake rival Alphabet, but rather than innovation to Apple’s future Alphabet emerge in an endless stream, apparently not so bright. Also, Apple’s future may be because the one thing worse: hackers, perhaps ghost. According to the business insider website, there are hackers to 20 thousand euros (which is 150 thousand yuan) price acquisition of Apple employees Apple ID login details, in order to contact Apple internal data, more frightening is that not only a person doing so. Another apple former employee added this, and he said, there are always hackers or other people looking for Apple employees, and in money or other ways to lure them to give internal information about apple. "You would be surprised if you knew how many people tried to get close to an apple employee just for his password. They often promise thousands of dollars for you to help them get into Apple’s intranet." The hacker is very aware of the selection of what kind of person: they tend to choose those frustrated, in the apple internal promotion hopeless, or not in Apple’s long-term stay people. Because of the lack of news, it is impossible to infer whether these buyers are controlled by hackers or competitors. But if Apple’s internal network is attacked, the damage is not just Apple’s future plans or product prototypes, but also a lot of innocent Apple users privacy into danger. However, despite the presence of external security threats, Apple’s security measures are indeed very cautious. Do not say, Apple’s internal hierarchy between the group and the group of single contact the security mechanism and the enterprise culture, said Apple control for office network is enough to make "get in" into a fond dream. Even Apple employees who work remotely need permission to enter the local Apple office, and hackers are more likely to steal information casually. Perhaps the use of this "non-technical" way to take login information, but also reflects the hacker’s frustration. But if Apple’s decline continues, will there be a real betrayer someday?

一个苹果员工的Apple ID价值多少钱?15万!   作为曾经这个世界上最成功的科技公司,苹果最近的日子可不怎么好过,iPhone市场占有率下降,股价再遭重挫,虽然市值又反超了对手Alphabet,但比起Alphabet层出不穷的创新来,苹果未来显然没有那么光鲜。   并且,苹果的未来可能因为一件事情变得更加糟糕了:黑客,或许还有内鬼。   据《商业内幕》网站透露,有黑客以2万欧元(也就是15万人民币)的价格收购苹果员工Apple ID登录的详细信息,以接触苹果内部的数据,更可怕的是,不仅仅是一个人在这样做。   另外一个苹果前雇员补充了这一点,他说,经常有黑客或其他人找苹果员工,用金钱或者其他方式引诱他们给出关于苹果的内部信息。“如果你知道多少人试图接近一个苹果员工只为了他一个密码,你一定会吃惊的。他们经常许诺成千上万的报酬,让你帮助他们进入苹果的内部网络。”   黑客非常明白挑选什么样的人:他们往往挑选那些在苹果内部不得志、晋升无望,或者不会在苹果长期呆下去的人。由于消息不多,因此目前还不能推断出这些求购者是由黑客组织还是竞争对手操纵。但是,如果苹果内部网络遭到了攻击,遭到损害的绝不仅仅是苹果的未来计划或产品原型,也会令很多无辜的苹果用户隐私陷于危险之中。   不过,尽管外在安全威胁确实存在,但苹果的安全措施也的确十分谨慎。不说苹果内部的层层分级、组与组之间单线联系的保密机制和企业文化,就说苹果对于办公网络的控制就足以让“获得密码即登入”变为痴心妄想。即使在远程工作的苹果雇员,进入当地的苹果办公室尚且需要批准,黑客自然更不可能随随便便窃取信息了。或许用这种“非技术”方式来套取登录信息,也正反应了黑客的无奈吧。   只不过,如果苹果的颓势继续下去,会不会某一天出现真正的背叛者呢?相关的主题文章: