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How did Trump get into the US election? Who is in support of him? Sohu news Donald, Trump, 70, businessman. Fifth Avenue in New York, Manhattan, a few hundred meters away from the The Empire State Building, Trumpt tower, is the symbol of his early career. In June 16, 2015 he announced his candidacy for president of the United states. Many people think he is not a routine, strong and resolute, very successful. Some people think he is lying, arrogant, is a complete layman. But it is certain that he is the history of the United States, not only a formal military political work experience has become the two largest party official candidate. This "outsider", how is this step? Let’s take a look at who is supporting Trump and Hilary? According to the survey results of the famous American pollster Pugh, two people addict supporters are almost not, great difference. Trump supporters in the majority of whites, college and above the crowd is too small; the women’s supporters in the 60% of the total number of women, but also relatively young in the past, the proportion of the total number of women in the world, the majority of the people in the world, the number of women in the majority of the supporters of the. They are not only the background of identity is different, even the idea is different. They have a different election agenda. For the future, a large number of Trump supporters believe that the country will go downhill, while Hilary supporters are more inclined to think that the state of the country will improve or maintain the status quo. This election, opinion in the United States will split crystal clear outline. Trump announced the election, one as a joke; Trump won the party leader after still controversial. He was seen as a heretic in mainstream politics, but he won enough public opinion to support the Republican party. "Trump phenomenon" in the end is how? 1, the Americans frustrated Trump supporters frustrated, they are engaged in low skilled labor, they are middle-aged, their boss is ready to put the factory removed and then moved to Mexico where they were unemployed. In the eyes of these blue collar workers, the situation has been bad enough, Trump, the outsider, so unique, but it represents a broken and completely changed. 2, the "politically correct" movement of Trump’s supporters have been tired of the "political correctness". In recent years, women’s equal rights, minority rights and interests of minority groups and other topics, from the political mechanism to regulate, template, step by step to soak in civilian life, everywhere in the minefield. All the people are really buying it? Trump’s success may be able to give an answer. When the United States desperately seeking political minorities, sexual minorities, new immigrants and ethnic minorities’ opportunity and equity, or take these issues when the talk, many of the "mainstream" people do not buy it. Trump’s ruthless attacks of new immigrants and ethnic minorities, they think someone finally threw off the mask of hypocrisy, saying. The above two points, the construction of Trump’s mass base. 3, the United States electoral college system Trump as long as these states can take a few more. Election in the United States is the electoral college system, when a candidate wins the majority of votes in a state, the state’s electoral votes on the whole.相关的主题文章: