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Housing prices in Qingdao million line continued northward   accelerate the rhythm — real estate home buyers buy — people.com.cn original title: housing prices in Qingdao million line "home buyers to buy up the rhythm of the northward movement [editor’s note] when it comes to buy everyone has their own book, in the current property market hot market prices fluctuate there are optimists, pessimists are buying up are also down. But anyway, to enter the "golden nine silver ten" market turnover rising, prices rising momentum is still strong. Less than a year, city comprehensive over million lines, high tech Zone prices also has tens of thousands, so that some once in the "bear market" buyers wait now in the "bull market" in some stupidly. One year difference, the new high tech District housing prices doubled in 2015, the property market in the winter, although the lifting of the restriction, cut interest rates and other favorable policies, but wait and see mood is still very strong. Entered in 2016, we are still in the forecast of the property market in the new year, the property market in the new year after the rapid rebound in the new year, with the rise in the volume of real estate has continued to date. According to the latest statistics show that in September the city’s new house turnover of 19901 units, an increase of more than 20%, the average price of new premises transactions of $10147 square meters, up by 10.75%. Now the city has been fully into the "million" and "million line" continues northward. Throughout this round of changes in prices, high-tech zones and the East Lee is the fastest growing sector of the two regional prices this year. The second half of last year, East Li Duo of new projects with the world, by the downturn in the property market and the "future generations Park" era of influence, the new site to have a low profile debut, the lowest price 7 prefix, the average price of more than 9000 yuan or so?. Now these new sites have been sold in the source has risen to 12000 yuan, more than the multi-storey villa price of up to $25000?. Last year, housing prices in the high tech Zone 7 prefix and adequate housing, now high tech Zone New Europe international city prices have put 13000 yuan, compared to last year’s 5800 yuan?? the average price increase alarming, but still maintain "ten opening ten sold out" hot situation. "Rapid changes do not buy now buy a wrong thought in passing" last year to spend nearly a million property buyers are expected to. Mr Wen has just sold its construction located in the ding of a set of two rooms, 1 million 270 thousand of the transaction price let him feel helpless. "Last year, with the intention to vacate, foreign price 1 million 420 thousand yuan, was not anxious to sell, so I did not sell price 1 million 400 thousand." Mr. Wen said: I did not expect this year prices rose so fast, had a good look at the new premises per square meter rose more than 5 thousand, the total price of more than about 700000." Eager to buy the real estate down the initiative to apply for second-hand housing prices down to 1 million 350 thousand, but at this time he has lost the bargaining power, and ultimately in the buyer’s request to the transaction of 1 million 270 thousand. Here, because the original "Mr. Wen, this time a wrong thought in passing" wards to spend nearly 1 million. This year, there were two new and high tech Zone, the king, by surrounding the sale of real estate "overnight price" phenomenon, prices rising fast pace let)相关的主题文章: