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Interior-Decorating Trends and fads in home decor keep changing with time, and with certain events that have a big impact on human culture. It’s very difficult, in that, to pinpoint the best home design for your home if only by following the fads, for you’ll have to change decor very often. Through time there had been several classic trends that although change in more specific ways inside, still stay popular and trendy with the public. But there have also been styles that although quite new, are very important not just for staying trendy, but also for survival. Choosing between all of these is indeed a challenge. One style that has been around for so long is the traditional or classic look. Have you ever been, or at least seen, an ancient ancestral home that has been passed on for generations? Chances are, the style of its home decor is traditional, utilizing gold work or polished bronze or dark cherry wood works. It’s a style that speaks of power, of grandeur, of the well-fed tummies of babies born with a silver spoon, of a family legacy dating back hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands. Giving off a feel of nostalgia and reminiscence of glorious times past is what the classic home look is all about. Another popular home decor style nowadays which is definitely not as old as the classic look is the contemporary or casual look. As its name suggests, this look focuses on the idea of a casual home decor look that is very in our contemporary times. A look such as this is often done through careful looking at interior design magazines, taking note of the simplistic designs especially. The casual look is said to be minimalistic, evoking the Japanese minimalistic styles with their spacious beauty and utilizing a mishmash of glass and plastic for ornaments. Selecting the casual style is good for modernized fast-paced people. A new trend which can certainly be seen as the effect of a global call for nature awareness is the green home decor style. This style is closely connected to the enduring country or rustic look with their high regard for connecting with nature but with certain differences. The green look stresses the utilization of the earth’s renewable resources not just in the form of energy-saving cars and other appliances but also in the other elements of the home. A particular favorite in designing green home decor is the bamboo, an amazingly renewable plant that can be found anywhere and can grow four feet in a day. Finding bamboo-based furniture, cutlery and decorations isn’t a hard task nowadays, with the number of people eager to help the earth. Staying ‘in’ the trend is important for everybody to feel they belong, but it’s also a great idea to celebrate everyone’s differences. Having trouble figuring out the best home decor for you? Look into yourself, your personality, favorites, hobbies. Find something you’d be glad to wake up each morning to and sleep each night with. After all, living happily with your home design is the more important than being trendy, isn’t it? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: