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Highlight not only appearance, meaning the Landwind X7 deserves more attention from the beginning – Sohu car spy, all kinds of talk can be heard without end. Perhaps its appearance is too eye-catching, so many people only see it controversial appearance. But if you really put aside the controversy, to better understand the Landwind X7 car’s words in detail, finally you will find that there are many Landwind X7 should pride of place. The dispute has just mentioned before the appearance, as long as the breeze X7 will inevitably bring its controversial appearance. In fact, despite its controversial place, you will find the X7 Landwind appearance or there will be a lot of their own design elements. At the same time, the Landwind X7 design elements is a lot more popular nowadays. For example, the suspension of the roof design, nowadays a lot of independent brand SUV in the application. X7 Landwind in appearance details or say what is worth. Plump body appearance is really a big bright spot, after the redesign of the grille also has its own characteristics and land breeze. The use of two bright black grille with a silver grille with a very three-dimensional sense, while the outline of the simple lines under the headlights, visual effect is very good. The LED daytime driving lights and fog lamp modelling also good integration in the same area, whether the effect is safety guaranteed. Smart pricing are controversial Landwind X7 appearance has attracted a lot of attention of consumers. If its final pricing is superior if there is absolutely no now so popular with young consumers. Stylish appearance and compact car level of the body is destined to not compete with small SUV. From the Landwind X7 pricing, manufacturers are also placed high hopes on it. 12.98-14.78 million price range, it is also clearly cut into the most intense competition in their own brand compact SUV. But X7 Landwind prices are competitors in the middle region, seems to have a lot of faith manufacturers and breeze X7, from the market late, consumer acceptance for Landwind X7 very good. Leapfrog configuration not only X7 Landwind fashion appearance and affordable pricing in line with the needs of young people, it is also one of the highlights of rich configuration. Interior design is fully integrated with their own design style, simple, dynamic sense of three-dimensional sense of control is very strong. The whole system comes standard with 10.2 inch touch screen, than many independent manufacturers a lot of desire. A key to start with electronic parking are all standard, improve the grade of choice. But in the breeze X7 security configuration is quite good, a lot of independent models ignore ESC are also all standard. With the aid of steep slope descent system, but also a very practical configuration of daily driving. Not to mention the big scary Landwind X7 panoramic sunroof, nearly 1 square meters of area is definitely enhance the force of lattice window. At the same time, there are luxury cars have X7 Landwind 360° panoramic camera, for some beginners and the driver is definitely a great boon. If in the latter period after the exhaust outlet and xenon headlamps believe it can further enhance the competitiveness. Rare 8AT policy相关的主题文章: