Heavy rainfall caused by the death of 5 people in Yunnan, Chuxiong, disaster relief and disaster rel-tonya mitchell

Chuxiong Yunnan heavy rainfall caused 5 dead 290 thousand people affected in order to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Kunming, September 24 (reporter Ji Zhepeng) 24 reporters from Yunnan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Chuxiong province Disaster Reduction Committee, the Civil Affairs Bureau was informed that, since September, Chuxiong, Yongren, Dayao, northern Yuanmou, Wuding, Lu Feng, mouding 6 a county of 30 years of a rainstorm, debris flow disasters caused by heavy rainfall. As of 23 at 23:30, the disaster caused a total of 10 counties statewide more than 8.4 households of more than 29 people were affected, the death tolls of 5 people, 2 people missing, 7 injured. At present, the relief work carried out in an orderly manner. Since September, the average rainfall of 224 mm in Chuxiong, compared with the same period last year, more than 135 mm, refresh the data recorded the largest rainfall since the same period. Among them, 16 to 20 days of rainfall of flood season this year the strongest statewide precipitation process, for the same period in the history of rare. Yuanmou County debris flow disasters caused by heavy rainfall, the formation of 2 lake, resulting in the Chengdu Kunming Railway to Hongjiang cucumber park between interrupt; Kun Chu highway uplink occurred slope landslides, resulting in Chuxiong to Kunming direction of traffic disruption; statewide crops affected 9026.8 hectares, 415 houses collapsed 1052, 3 schools collapsed 64 1735 square meters, and a large number of roads, water conservancy facilities, power and communication facilities damaged, serious economic losses. After the disaster, Chuxiong Disaster Reduction Committee launched in September 18th Chuxiong natural disaster relief emergency response grade, state fiscal emergency emergency relief funds allocated 4 million 600 thousand yuan, water supply, transportation, land, civil affairs, fire departments organize forces to rescue, the comprehensive reservoir drainage pond dam, landslide reinforcement, repair dredge village highway. Currently, the state has invested more than 1.6 people in disaster relief force, dispatched a variety of mechanical vehicles, more than 1 thousand and 600, to ensure the smooth life of disaster relief and disaster relief work carried out smoothly. Meanwhile, the public security, fire and other departments sent a working group to further increase the search and rescue of missing persons. At present, Yuanmou Huangguayuan town by 7 when Hailuocun one missing has been swept away by mudslides on the morning of 23 was searched, Xu confirmed dead in Wuding County; 2 missing persons still in full search. After fighting the Kunming Railway Bureau, China iron and other units of the day and night, 23 days at 11:31, because of debris flow disasters interrupt the operation of 6 days of Chengdu Kunming railway line reopened, 24, Chengdu Kunming railway line passenger train will be fully restored to normal operation. At present, the Armed Police Hydropower Troops to construction, Yuanmou county "9? 17" debris flow formation, Hylo zhubu Lake diversion channel has been fully opened, the water level began to decline. According to statistics, the current state of Chuxiong emergency transfer of 2539 people, 8220 people were injured and properly treated.相关的主题文章: