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Have [color off]14 fire injury: West Sydney captain left great influence Friday 001        Australia over the     Adelaide VS West Sydney Rovers recommended: Sheng FireWire courier: the previous Champions Adelaide United first round away 1 1 draw with Newcastle jets, the last 8 games to defeat, but this season suffered two Lianping, nearly 10 league 8 wins 1 flat 1 negative home court strong performance; West Sydney Rovers 0 4 was the first round of home court rivals Sydney FC humiliation, nearly two war suffered defeats and 8 goals. The team nearly 6 league games away from home 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. Adelaide nearly 5 home court against West Sydney unbeaten season finals 3 to 1 win. Injury interpretation: Adelaide: Kalusika midfield and defender Elser, Marlow, internal injury, striker Mi Ruth Niki is hanging mianzhanpai. Blacktown City South Korean midfielder Danny Cui and join the team roster, the jets defender T Reagan is not selected. Goalkeeper Magush and midfielder Myers two young participate yaqingsai. West Sydney Rovers defender boerda: red card suspension, defender S Cole and midfielder Merlin re selected. Captain and defender TOPO – Stanley although the lifting of the ban but will join the UAE League, allowed to leave negotiating transfer matters. Class four, teenager with Australia U19 in yaqingsai. Interpretation: position: Bet365:1.95 3.30 and 4, 2.10 day 3.50 3.50 2 3.50 3.70, Wade: 2.05 3.60 3.50 2.06 3.30 3.20 2.12 Yi Shengbo: 3.60, 2.90 disc: aocai: 0.82 – 1.02 0.80 1 hemisphere hemisphere Yi Shengbo: 1.09 0.82, 1.11 0.78 hemisphere hemisphere Bet365: 1 0.90, 0.82 1.08 half hemisphere previous finals in the new season second round teams will be able to reproduce, but the recent Adelaide start is better, not only bear the West Sydney derby defeat, the captain will leave the team defensive strength damage. This field started to hemisphere is very reasonable, but having upper level have increased, some companies even back to flat half low water, found the odds also increased, seemingly unfavorable to Adelaide. But the first half handicap is still the main let flat half, the handicap adjustment is more like a trap footwall, the market optimistic about the first win of the season champion Adelaide home court. On Friday, 029            Spain; Las Palmas VS Spanish recommended: let the negative FireWire courier: Las Palmas on wheel away than 2 2 draw against Osasuna, the recent 3 round league tournament, ranking dropped to seventh. The team has been scored in nearly 3 league matches.相关的主题文章: