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Hangzhou double 11 day 5000 express little brother embrace the fastest single 0:01 on the issue (Figure) Hangzhou Red Dragonfly e-commerce company, customer service are busy. Just over the past eleven, you contributed to the hundreds of billions of transactions? Is your shopping cart empty or invalid? Are you already in the circle of friends drying out to be shipped and received digital map? For many people, crazy double eleven is submitted, settlement, payment, but for others, the crazy double eleven and not just stay up all night, the next period of time, they will be busy. From Lanshou, packing, shipment, delivery, to change the address, return, in your busy time cut the hand, they may even the toilets are not empty. Shop customer service: a cup of water, want information’s lost 11 points last night, Hangzhou Jianggan oriental ideas business park, away from the "double eleven" and 1 hours, 2 Building 3 floor Hangzhou Red Dragonfly e-commerce company in a blaze of light. About 500 square meters of the chase, the strong movement of the music, still did not cover keyboard clacked sound. Customer who are nervous to reply, want to ask the peak of the horn sounded. The Hangzhou Red Dragonfly e-commerce company operates three online flagship store. According to the usual traffic, more than and 30 customer service team can handle, can double the eleven is too much. Arrange customer service "last year at 3 in the morning to work, did not expect the 5 in the morning to open a service want a sudden influx of two or three people, actually, so this extra class, to ensure that at 3 points to 8 points, there are customer service online." Chen Luyao, director of customer service, said the company specifically invited foreign aid, the formation of a nearly 200 customer service team. Just graduated from college last year, Liu is one of the customer service. From zero point closer, Liu computer on the upper left corner of the dialog box to want flash, 20 people, 30 people, digital changes, Liu keyboard hand speed is faster and faster. "Frequently asked questions, have set the standard answer shortcuts, more personalized, have to manually type reply." Liu staring at the computer, almost 2 hours, did not look up. It poured a glass of water, but 1 minutes, want the information burst. Chen Luyao, director of customer service, told reporters that this year’s double eleven, her work is starting from scratch. Only one task: change the address. The store "11S half" activities, attracted a lot of hand chop party. However, in order to grab the shot, often point wrong address. Last year, we need to change the address of the double eleven shop a list of hundreds of single, just change the address, it took several days, this year the situation is grim." Chen Luyao said that for buyers, it may be a day of shopping spree, but for sellers, customer service team, the double eleven has just begun. Next, will usher in the return peak, peak delivery, so busy frequency stayed until the end of the month. SF express: 0:01 on the issue of the first single at 9 yesterday morning, Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone Xiasha cross-border electricity supplier, the staff skilled in logistics warehouse scanning,"相关的主题文章: