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Hammer T3 or launch version two as well as an extended version of the T3L- Sohu digital   previously rumored hammer T3 will have a version of the launch of the two, and now seems to have further news. According to @ Yuan Xuanhua broke the news on micro-blog, said hammer T3 will have two versions, namely T3 and T3 L. The name should be the hammer T3L extended version, also highlighted the message is not a rumor, so maybe it would mean that the hammer T3 as the past rumors that there will be two new machine size screen combination debut. We will push the two versions of the past there have been rumors of a hammer T3 will be launched in two versions, and also the industry analyst @ pan jiutang confirmed, said hammer T3 will indeed have two versions, one is in small batch production, while another is in mass production in September. And now, before the designer Yuan Xuanhua in the Jin @ micro-blog further claimed that the hammer T3 will have two versions, respectively T3 and T3L, which suggests that the extended edition, and said the bid is not a rumor. Although the former designer Jin did not disclose the hammer T3 two version more details, but according to past users disclosure statement, hammer T3 a 5.2 inch touch screen, supports 1080p resolution, a 5.7 inch touch screen resolution upgrade to 2K level, and the two versions in the configuration is slightly different. In addition, @ pan jiutang had previously said "you have made a few hammer on the road, top with standard small screen big screen all". Therefore, no accident, then this year’s hammer T3 will indeed be the size of the screen combination, and the two versions in the configuration will be different. The size of the screen for different combination hammer T3 two version in the configuration of the part, had heard of the news is 5.2 inches version of the hammer T3 will be equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor with 4GB of memory, and the battery capacity will be smaller. Leak past the hammer on the micro-blog SM901 might be a 5.2 inch screen in the Standard Version, then the exposure information is Xiaolong 820 processor and has 4GB RAM memory capacity. While 5.7 inches version should be a hammer T3L, and combined with the now exposed hammer T3 mobile phone models, 3C certified hammer SM919 may have this big screen version could be equipped with 6GB memory and Xiaolong 821 processor, and provide greater battery capacity. In addition, according to the latest news broke out on micro-blog, said hammer T3 will indeed use a circular Home key design, and there are bright black version, but the camera will not be raised, even better than iPhone 7. The biography released in October previously, users @ Mocha workers at micro-blog disclosed that the hammer T3 will use the classic round in front of the fingerprint recognition design, mobile phone touch screen is 5.2 inches, the possibility of using JDI display, fingerprint recognition solutions will come from a famous international company, is equipped with 820 Xiaolong the processor does not have the dual camera function, but will support fast charging technology. As for the hammer T3 release date, "相关的主题文章: