Gyeongju Korea had found out thousands of stolen corpses belonging to all the Lin Ye cult

Gyeongju Korea had found out thousands of stolen corpses is a cult all Lin Ye Korean media: Korea found 1040 stolen Qingzhou update rhythm is the father taught all the bodies of Lin Ye [observer article Lina] recent American TV dramas than a fast, this is not new: according to Korean and more Korean media exposure in South Korea, the cult father teach Lin Yezhong, has been found 1040 illegal buried bodies, there was speculation that it is hidden behind the mysterious forces. In November 3rd, according to CBS (Korea Christian television)’s news website reported that in 2014, the father in South Korea to teach all the Gyeongju Korea tohamsan at the foot of the mountain forest Yezhong, had found 1040 bodies, and the bodies were buried that should be illegal. At that time, South Korean police suspended the investigation of the incident, there is no report on the illegal theft of buried corpse incident investigation report. In the city of Gyeongju South Korea Yang cave at the foot of filial piety tohamsan, there is a very broad land, see what strange not from far away, but in fact the 1040 bodies buried underground surface. It is reported that, although the land belongs to the Catholic Church of Christ, the revival of the association, but has not been allowed to use as a common cemetery, that is, these bodies are illegally buried. The father taught by the South Korean Pyongan born Pu Taishan (deceased) was founded in 1995, its advocacy of the end of round, and stressed that if you want to be saved must go to the village of faith. The village of faith is the home of the father of the church, and the holy place of the heavenly father. Gyeongnam Liangshan city is the belief in village location, and the father has been teaching Korean church mainly characterized as a cult cult. November 2014, the South Korean pseudo religious victims of the alliance had held a press conference will be held, open the case of the father of the church to bury the case of illegal burial. South Korean authorities also conducted an investigation, but did not publish official findings. Besides, it’s a little strange. CBS the father taught cemetery Ji book, marked above the old name, number, gender, date of death burial, burial time, and other family members, but more than and 40 bodies have not been marked the name of the deceased or date of birth and date of death and family etc.. Although there is a body, but it is not known when the birth, when the dead corpse. CBS’s team had a direct interview with reporters to report the fact that the father of the church built illegal burial grounds. Related news release for the event yesterday in the "nocutnews", who was involved in the interview and report the event reporter Zhu Zhen Yu (transliteration) with his face Shuzhang good forwarded this report, and revealed some information, "when I was a rookie reporter, father to teach (faith Village) steal buried interview the result, I was almost buried stolen. The lawsuit shells, tracking, curses and murder threats…… Is really very terrible." In the end, he says, "but it seems to have been more terrible lately." For the South Korean police did not publish the matter, did not publish the results of the investigation, it was suspected that the father behind the teacher is handsome相关的主题文章: